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A look into the future with Adobe Experience Cloud

With emerg­ing tech­nolo­gies, such as arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence, inter­net of things (IoT), aug­ment­ed-vir­tu­al real­i­ty, blockchain, and facial iden­ti­ty becom­ing main­stream, mar­keters need to con­tin­u­ous­ly inno­vate and ensure they meet expec­ta­tions across cus­tomer life-cycle stages.

Adobe Cus­tomer Solu­tions con­stant­ly seeks to inno­vate and build com­pelling expe­ri­ences, by bring­ing togeth­er lat­est tech­nolo­gies and Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud prod­ucts.

“How to become an Expe­ri­ence Busi­ness” was a key theme at this year’s Adobe Sym­po­sium in Mum­bai. For the more than 1,400 mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­als and experts who attend­ed the event, it was an oppor­tu­ni­ty pre­view path­break­ing demo solu­tions made pos­si­ble by Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud tools.

Please note: these solu­tions were devel­oped for the Sym­po­sium event to show­case poten­tial use cas­es.

Pre­ven­tion is bet­ter than cure—even for your vehi­cle
How Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud could pro­vide pre­dic­tive rec­om­men­da­tions using vehi­cle teleme­try and IoT.

Cur­rent real­i­ty: You send in your car for ser­vic­ing and end up receiv­ing a fat bill for replace­ment of parts that have worn out.

What if: You could pre­dict poten­tial break­downs and proac­tive­ly main­tain your vehi­cle to pre­vent hav­ing to buy new car parts?

The Adobe solu­tion: Adobe Ana­lyt­ics uses the IoT data that is being relayed via the car’s OBD II port to build dash­boards for you, the car own­er, as well as the man­u­fac­tur­er. You get to see mileage, bat­tery health, dri­ve sta­tis­tics, as well as over­all dri­ving sta­tus indic­tors based on qual­i­ty of dri­ving. You’re also alert­ed of a part that needs repair, a task that’ll be dis­tinct­ly eas­i­er and less expen­sive to car­ry out than a replace­ment. The car man­u­fac­tur­er receives an overview of aver­age sta­tis­tics across their fleet of cars, as well as indi­vid­ual com­po­nent lev­el data. Using insights gen­er­at­ed by this data, they can send you a ser­vic­ing alert. Adobe Cam­paign and Adobe Audi­ence Man­ager could be used to tar­get the right cus­tomers and pre­dict inven­to­ry require­ments.

Oth­er appli­ca­tions: This solu­tion can be extend­ed to the air­line indus­try, as well as to man­u­fac­tur­ers of heavy equip­ment.

Your face can be your for­tune
Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud pow­er­ing facial recog­ni­tion

Cur­rent real­i­ty: In the online world, each customer’s pur­chase pref­er­ences and shop­ping his­to­ries are under­stood and used to make rel­e­vant rec­om­men­da­tions. Brick-and-mor­tar stores, unfor­tu­nate­ly, are unable to offer a sim­i­lar cus­tomized expe­ri­ence.

What if: The online expe­ri­ence is repli­cat­ed in the real world using the customer’s face as their unique iden­ti­ty?

The Adobe solu­tion: Mul­ti­ple Adobe tools like Adobe Ana­lyt­ics, Adobe Tar­get, Adobe Cam­paign, and AEM screens, come togeth­er with facial recog­ni­tion tech­nol­o­gy to pro­vide an exclu­sive shop­ping expe­ri­ence for every con­sent­ing cus­tomer.

You pro­vide a one-time con­sent to col­lect facial iden­ti­ty. Then, on each return vis­it the wel­come screen iden­ti­fies your pres­ence and pro­vides you with an exclu­sive set of rec­om­men­da­tions based on your past pur­chas­es. It also sends a noti­fi­ca­tion to store reps empow­er­ing them to offer you the mean­ing­ful shop­ping expe­ri­ence you crave.

Oth­er appli­ca­tions: This solu­tion can also be applied to oth­er indus­tries such as bank­ing and air­lines, where indi­vid­ual atten­tion and rec­om­men­da­tions ele­vate an aver­age expe­ri­ence to an excel­lent one.

DJ, play my song!
Real-world tar­get­ing.

Cur­rent real­i­ty: Gener­ic dress­ing rooms in retails stores.

What if: The room’s ambi­ent qual­i­ty changes to suit indi­vid­ual style?

The Adobe solu­tion: Adobe Tar­get along with IoT devices con­nect­ed with lights, fra­grance gen­er­a­tors, and music devices is used to cus­tomize the tri­al room based on what a cus­tomer is wear­ing, vast­ly improv­ing the dress­ing room expe­ri­ence.

Oth­er appli­ca­tions: This con­cept can be extend­ed to places like hotels, hos­pi­tals, and oth­er events where peo­ple have iden­ti­ty tags. Mar­keters can con­duct tests of dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ences to under­stand what works best for dif­fer­ent seg­ments.

Con­tent is king, make it stick
Dynam­ic per­son­al­iza­tion at scale.

Cur­rent real­i­ty: Most web­sites serve up the same home page con­tent, regard­less of the cus­tomer.

What if: A trav­el web­site offers cus­tomized home page con­tent.

The Adobe solu­tion: Adobe Tar­get allows a trav­el web­site to cre­ate indi­vid­ual per­sona, based on past brows­ing his­to­ry. An Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud cus­tom solu­tion works with Adobe Tar­get and use this per­sona by select­ing and sum­ma­riz­ing details of all trav­el des­ti­na­tion arti­cles in the site, pre­sent­ing a cus­tomized home­page. All this hap­pens auto­mat­i­cal­ly with­out any cus­tom cod­ing and devel­op­ment for each arti­cle. When an adven­ture seek­er, for exam­ple, vis­its the home­page they would see adven­ture details options based on their pref­er­ences, his­to­ry and loca­tion. All avail­able at a glance, deliv­ered pro­gram­mat­i­cal­ly and seam­less­ly, with­out any cus­tom devel­op­ment.

Oth­er appli­ca­tions: Per­son­al­iza­tion at scale is an excep­tion­al­ly use­ful tool that can be used across the media and enter­tain­ment indus­try to improve vis­i­tor engage­ment and over­all expe­ri­ence.

Loans made easy, and secure
Smart lend­ing using blockchain.

Cur­rent real­i­ty: Apply­ing for a loan is an ardu­ous task that involves cum­ber­some paper work, many inter­ac­tions and sig­nif­i­cant risks for the lender.

What if: The process of receiv­ing and giv­ing a loan can be made seam­less and paper­less, as well as trans­par­ent and secure for both par­ties?

The Adobe solu­tion: Using Adobe Expe­ri­ence Man­ag­er forms and Adobe Sign, in asso­ci­a­tion with blockchain tech­nol­o­gy, a solu­tion is pos­si­ble that can solve these chal­lenges. AEM forms and Adobe Sign help in dig­i­tiz­ing the entire process, stream­lin­ing paper­work and man­u­al inter­ven­tions.

Once the bank dis­burs­es the loan, the entire loan trans­ac­tion, col­lat­er­al details, and doc­u­men­ta­tion gets hashed and stored using the rev­o­lu­tion­ary blockchain tech­nol­o­gy. Since this stor­age is record­ed in a decen­tral­ized man­ner, it is extreme­ly dif­fi­cult to hack. Going for­ward, every repay­ment is also hashed and stored in blockchain. This infor­ma­tion can then be accessed by a con­sor­tium of banks to check the valid­i­ty of the col­lat­er­al dur­ing future trans­ac­tions.

Oth­er appli­ca­tions: Blockchain smart con­tracts can enable sev­er­al capa­bil­i­ties. In case of a non­pay­ment, it can noti­fy all the banks in the con­sor­tium, for exam­ple. It can also ease the loan clo­sure for­mal­i­ties and send an alert to every­one involved.

Dig­i­tal expe­ri­ences have the pow­er to trans­form every aspect of the lives of Indi­ans, and Adobe is the only com­pa­ny that can help with every stage of deliv­er­ing a great expe­ri­ence to them.


Prabu Purushothaman

Head of GDC Dig­i­tal Strat­e­gy, Inno­va­tion and Con­sult­ing CoE, Adobe Cus­tomer Solu­tions.

Prabu Purushothaman heads the GDC Dig­i­tal Strat­e­gy CoE for Inno­va­tion and Con­sult­ing at Adobe. He helps clients solve their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing chal­lenges and achieve their dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion objec­tives. His exper­tise lies in com­bin­ing Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud solu­tion capa­bil­i­ties with lat­est tech­nol­o­gy trends like Aug­ment­ed Real­i­ty and IoT. With a spe­cial focus on inno­va­tion, he has played a key role in build­ing break­through cus­tomer expe­ri­ences for glob­al clients. He is an engi­neer­ing and man­age­ment grad­u­ate with 14 years of expe­ri­ence.



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