How Millennial Marketers are Driving Digital Change

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A new generation of marketers are emerging to keep up with the every changing digital space. Here come the Millennial Marketers.

I sat through an interesting session on millennial marketers today at Adobe Summit. We’ve all heard about the nuances of marketing to millennials, but this topic focused on how millennial marketers are bringing an enormous generational change to our profession. I thought it was interesting that the panel described millennial as a mindset not an age demographic – this is important as we don’t want to box an entire generation based on age. Millennials are digital natives or people really comfortable in the digital world, they’re seeking instant gratification and they don’t tolerate inefficiency any more.

Millennial marketers are agile, focused on ‘moment marketing’ and reaching their audience to add value. They are looking beyond simple metrics like website views and asking themselves, how do we convert viewers to buyers and build advocates out of casual visitors? How do you capture the attention of a fragmented audience that is bombarded by ads and messages daily? Millennial marketers understand the lightning pace of the digital space and are focused on finding moments to reach their customers – responsibly and wisely by adding genuine value – turning them into buyers.

Here’s some great advice from the millennial panel speakers:

Brian Wong, CEO & Founder of Kiips (@Brian_Wong)

  • Millennial is a mindset, not an age.. Marketers should look at behaviors, not age.
  • There’s no single human being that I’ve seen that intentionally tapped a banner ad on a mobile phone.
  • Use moments to retain and build better relationships with your customers. No one really wants to tap an ad on their phone.
  • Be there in the moment and be there to add value.

Jerry Jao, CEO, Retention Science (@jerryjao)

  • Listen to the end users and innovate around them.
  • It’s easy to generate traffic, but the million dollar question is how do we get customers to pay and become brand advocates?
  • Customer retention and advocacy is about 1-1 marketing.

Matt Scharf, Manager of Display Media Operations & Analytics at Adobe (@Matt_Scharf)

  • Don’t wait for a 100% solve to go to market. 80% is often good enough.
  • Innovation today spawns from inefficiency.
  • What doesn’t work contributes to understanding what does work for our business.

Lisa Nirell, CEO of EngerizeGrowth, Speaker, Author and CMO advisor (@lisa_nirell)

  • It’s not about doing more; it’s about being more.
  • Perfect if the enemy of done.
  • Moments of truths are something disruptive that fosters innovation.

Rebecca Sisson, Senior Manager, Database Marketing, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston

  • You can’t always chase the shiny object. You need to have a foundation first.
  • Sometimes transformation is about getting back to basics.
  • The term Millennial Marketer creates a divide among us. We should all work together and collaborate.

Check out the infographic below to see some of the results from a recent Adobe study on Millennial Marketer:


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Digital Marketing

Posted on 03-12-2015

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