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Asia Pacific (APAC) is one of the fastest-adopting markets for mobile, particularly smartphones, according to Nielsen as reported on the website Telecomasia. We see excellent traction from advertisers across the region as the value of mobile for producing real ROI continues to grow based on the way brands use mobile as a part of their overall campaigns.

Of course, some themes take shape more quickly than others based on a number of different factors, including geography, technology, and economics. One of the most prevalent themes we see in the APAC region is the mobile video boom.

Mobile Marketing is taking over APAC

PC vs Mobile unique video viewers in China

The activity in China is representative of what’s happening around APAC

APAC is taking center stage in the mobile video revolution as brands realise the power of that content for creating meaningful engagement with consumers. Mobile video provides a way for brands to reimagine the relationship between the viewer, content, device, and environment. It’s about harnessing the power of mobile to not only tell the brand story, but to increase audience interaction.

This allows marketers to take viewers farther along the purchase funnel by providing customisable features that allow them to engage interactively with the video. Search engine optimisation plays a major part in making video content powerful albeit behind the scenes. You can’t see it directly in just looking at the content but it’s there. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be watching that video on your smartphone because your search wouldn’t have discovered it.

SEO Optimisation Factors

The important work of SEO for video content takes place with two Adobe tools; Scene7 which is within the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) marketing solution and Adobe Muse CC which is a solution in the Creative Cloud.

In the AEM Scene7 Publishing System (SPS), submitting a video sitemap is the best tactic for video SEO, since all search engines are built based on crawling text. Therefore, they do not know how to crawl rich-media content. Another practice is to transform the generated video asset URLs to SEO-friendly video titles and descriptions using the same approach SPS uses for transforming image URLs.

This link provides a more comprehensive description of the Video SEO settings that are key to aligning your content to be indexed by the various search engines.

Adobe Muse provides a seven minute presentation on four critical SEO tips in a YouTube tutorial on SEO for video’s authored via that tool. This discussion focuses on what search engines can read and cannot read. For example, H1 tags, metadata and other such important SEO factors must be provided in text format vice image format and much of that depends on choosing the right fonts.

A longer, more comprehensive 31 minute Muse SEO tutorial is available here or you can watch it below.

The Future of Video Marketing – Measurement and Effectiveness

Adobe is on the cutting edge of measuring the value of video content in partnership with Nielsen. The collaboration will integrate Nielsen’s digital audience measurement products, the most trusted ratings system in the industry, with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Primetime, the industry’s leading digital analytics and online TV delivery platforms.

As a result, both companies will jointly market Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings, Powered by Adobe, which will deliver analytics and currency-grade content metrics that enable smarter buying and selling decisions.


eMarketer, in its Video Advertising Benchmarks report, noted that the effectiveness of mobile video ads for ages 21+ was very high compared to TV and online video, while general recall for mobile video was 79 percent, compared to 49 percent and 29 percent for TV and online.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to tell a story, enabling brands to create meaningful relationships with their key audiences that are no longer limited to simply viewing an ad. The result is a powerful branding experience that really resonates with consumers, and the good news is, this is just the beginning!

Overall, smartphone penetration in the APAC market is on the rise with nearly 35% of the APAC population having a smartphone by 2018.

Share of population in Asia Pacific that use a smartphone

Smartphone usage growth in Asia Pacific 2012-2018

From Google’s Our Mobile Planet Project via Wikipedia, this is how the APAC countries rank against global populations in terms of smartphone penetration of its population base.

Smartphone penetration in Asia Pacific

Smartphone penetration rates in Asia Pacific

SEO is a success factor in video mobile marketing in Asia Pacific

Search engine optimisation touches everything that has to do with marketing. Video marketing is no different. If you want your content to be found in response to a search query, mobile, smartphone or otherwise, do your SEO well (even more so after Google’s mobile algorithm update on April 21), review it often, measure its performance and adjust with the algorithmic variances introduced by the search engines in their random, largely unannounced implementations.

If we account for historical factors in the Asia Pacific region, eastern cultures and societies have always been ahead of Western cultures and societies. The same goes for digital marketing and the finer arts of SEO and search marketing in general. They have been doing it for years longer but at a different pace and following a different set of social and cultural rules.

Thus, if you’re looking at Asia there is no option but to become engrained in the social media and mobile world of the region. There’s where you’ll learn how to do SEO that resonates with the people of the region. You’ll also learn the culture and finesse needed to be a good citizen and not offend the people you want to do business with.

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