Putting The Customer In the Driver’s Seat: Nissan deploys Adobe Marketing Cloud Globally

Digital Marketing

Nissan has taken a bold step forward to put customers and their preferences first.

By teaming up with Adobe Marketing Cloud to launch a unified digital marketing platform globally across four of its renowned brands, Nissan is delivering an integrated customer experience and consistence image across its business.

Renault-Nissan Alliance manufactures vehicles in twenty country and regions around the world. While dealing with the struggles of multiples offices, the company aimed to optimise cost efficiency through data analytics and asset management while sustaining brand image. To create a uniform, integrated view of its customers, the company made the decision to transform its digital marketing direction by deploying a shared digital marketing platform across the globe, drawing from capabilities of all the regions, forming one strong global brand.

Adobe Marketing Cloud integrated with Adobe Digital Publishing allows Nissan to enhance its customer purchasing experience using multiple digital touch-points, facilitating a seamless customer journey. It allows for personalised and targeted communications catered to each customer through a range of digital channels including mobile, social and dealer networks, all the while leveraging a unified set of brand assets quickly and efficiently.

Digital Marketing

Posted on 04-08-2015

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