Orchestrating Great Customer Experiences, Literally

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Marketers are being told they need to create compelling human experiences for consumers in order to build greater connections.

At the upcoming Adobe Symposium at Sydney Opera House this month, Accenture Digital Managing Director Michael Buckley plans on bringing that relatively abstract concept to life.

Register today for the Adobe Symposium May 23-24, 2017 at Sydney Opera House

He will lead the audience through a presentation called the Accenture Interactive Experiential Orchestra.

“It’s an immersive, orchestral experience showcasing the use of data, artificial intelligence, musical composition, the web, real-time analytics and the Adobe Marketing Cloud,” he says.

“Attendees of the presentation will be asked to share their personal details via a web page, along with their artistic preferences. This data will be fed through the Marketing Cloud to control a live orchestral and visual presentation which will include a robot (named Baxter) as a featured soloist.”

Accenture Interactive is the customer experience agency of Accenture. Buckley describes it as part creative-agency, part business consultancy and part technology powerhouse.

“We’re laser-focused on creating the best customer experiences on the planet. Accenture Interactive and Adobe have a global alliance which brings together two elements: a rock-solid marketing platform and a comprehensive portfolio of business and technology services in analytics, digital marketing and mobile.”

We asked Buckley to describe what he wants attendees of the Symposium to take away from his presentation.

“Everyday Accenture Interactive is creating the world’s best customer experiences, “ he said. “Accenture doesn’t just predict the future, we invent it. Innovation is in our DNA and our work, by its very nature, disrupts industries, reshapes business models and changes lives.”

As he looks ahead into 2017 and beyond, Buckley says his priority is to further develop relationships with CMOS and CDO.

“And we want to continuing working with partners like Adobe to firmly cement our reputation as delivering the best customer experiences in Australia.”

“To do that of course, Accenture will have to continue to attract the top design, creative marketing and technology talent we need to serve our needs.”

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Posted on 05-15-2017

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