What’s all the buzz on social media ahead of the 2015 Rugby World Cup?

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New Zealand is leading social media buzz ahead of the Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks are the defending champions and Kiwis have taken to social media to support them ahead of this year’s tournament. New Zealanders have had the highest volume of social media buzz, along with positive commentary around their team over the past month.

Adobe Digital Index (ADI) analysed volume and sentiment of more than two million social media engagements since 4 July 2015 across platforms including blogs, Facebook, G+, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube. ADI also examined Twitter buzz around key players and found that New Zealand fly-half Dan Cater led the charge.


Socialising Sports

Social media offers great opportunities for organisers and sponsors to attract and engage directly with fans through digital.

Top Socially Followed Athletes

Brands often promote their products through athletes, especially via social where they can directly target fans. The graph above shows the sheer number of fans athletes have and this gives way to new avenues and opportunities for brands to reach these potential consumers. They can also create brand advocates through their athletes who are seen by many as role models. If Cristiano Ronaldo posts a picture of himself wearing the latest Nike sneakers, you can bet your bottom dollar some of his 142million fans are going to be influenced to buy them as well.

There are many things for both the brand and athletes to consider when forming a partnership. But like any business their main concern will be return on investment (price per follower). For example, one of South Africa’s sponsors is Asics. Given Bryan Habana’s large fan base and the price of the shoe, Bryan would need to sell one pair of shoes per 50 followers for a return on his salary.


When it comes to major sporting events, most organisers create an event app to capitalize on the growing numbers of mobile users. The Rugby World Cup organisers are no exception, creating an extensive app for both Android and iPhone devices. The apps rank highly in app stores especially in New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, UK and Australia. Key features of the app include social buzz from all #RWC2015 team as well as the ability to purchase tickets for matches.

Make sure to catch all the action live on social via #RWC2015 as it kicks off this Friday 18 September in London with England taking on Fiji.

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Posted on 09-16-2015

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