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For businesses to effectively market to and engage with their audience, they need to understand what behaviors in real-time, enabling them to react and deliver a valued, personalised experience. This is especially important in the digital landscape where online ads are overwhelming, attention spans are short, and customers are abundant. Accessing, understanding and being able to act upon real time data is the Holy Grail all companies strive for and Shogakukan has taken steps to achieve that with Adobe Analytics.

Shogakukan, one of Japan’s major publishing companies, has recently adopted Adobe Analytics, which they will use to analyse browsing habits across 12 digital magazines. Shogakukan is already using Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS) to create and distribute their digital magazines but now plan to integrate this with Adobe Analytics, the first time a Japanese publisher has done so.

Previously, Shogakukan were using the analytical functions of Adobe DPS to determine which pages and features are being read; which devices are being used by the reader; to analyse the browsing trends of every segment of its readership and to increase uptake of their digital magazines. It was while using Adobe DPS that Shogakukan realised that they needed more. They wanted to know more about their readers browsing habits and turned to Adobe Analytics for deeper insights.

Adobe Analytics not only provides deeper analysis on readers’ behaviors, but it does so across multiple products simultaneously in real time. This allows Shogakukan to optimise advertisements and content, achieving optimal communication with their customers and delivering that personalised experience we all strive for.


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