A sneak look at the ‘Sneaks’ at Adobe Symposium

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My role at Adobe is to work with all the product teams as a stakeholder in the direction of the product and integration strategy, and in communicating what the products do. Part of this role is to share key product insights and present how the products work at events like Digital Marketing Symposium.

Typically we hold this information close to our chest, but you can see it for the first time at Symposium. This year I am going to give you a few early sneak peeks into some of the exciting things that will be shown at Symposium.


One example of Adobe’s dedication to improving the value of business data in the Adobe Marketing Cloud. With better context comes more accurate analysis and improved decision making.


SmartPic’s advanced algorithm compares new content assets against an existing library of images, and then generates meta tags automatically; allowing marketers to forego the tedious, time-consuming process of manual data entry.

Once the asset is in the system, SmartPic collects and synthesises campaign data across the Marketing Cloud with a uniquely visual analytics tool, capable of displaying the visual asset and its associated data side-by-side.

SmartPic’s visual analysis has another benefit as well — it opens the door for the marketing analyst to share their findings with creative people in a way that draws a direct connection between the visual asset and its analytic performance.

Mobile Reality

During the Mobile Reality demonstration, Adobe engineers will show how Bluetooth-powered beacons can be placed throughout the layout of a physical store and then combined with a mobile app on a smart-phone, create an enhanced shopping experience for consumers.

Mobile Reality provides retailers with tools for mapping the layout of their showroom and the location of their beacons. If the shopper downloads an app to their phone and opts-in, the beacons can then be used to track the shopper’s location as they move about the store, and provide consumers with access to helpful information, special pricing, promotions or related product suggestions.

Consumers win by taking advantage of the tactile experience of the physical store, along with the added convenience of promotions, loyalty programs and online support of their favourite retailers.


Creates an app in seconds using AEM directly from Photoshop files. Art2Mobile makes changes and uploads directly into AEM. It is great for designers and marketers as it shortens the time and processes involved in development cycles and sprints.


Don’t miss your chance to see these cutting edge technologies – and a few other ‘sneaks’ at Symposium. See for yourself how Benchmaker, SmartPic, Mobile Reality and Art2Mobile will become fundamental to the next round of digital communications.

See you at Symposium in Sydney and Singapore next week !

Digital Marketing

Posted on 07-23-2015

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