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Julie Cleeland Nicholls, Director, Communications –  APAC Adobe Systems– @jcnsingapore, LinkedIn


In the main conference room, 5000 delegates are watching a stunning visual display on a series of oversized screens that comprise the same square footage as an average house. Adobe SVP and General Manager of Digital Marketing Brad Rencher, is telling the audience that one of his favourite parts of preparing for the annual Adobe Summit over the years is reading the list of the titles that delegates use. Five years ago, there was a heavy representation of the word ‘Web’ in delegates’ designations. Today, he says there are 1,800 distinct titles represented, including ‘Digital Taxonomist’, ‘Content Tzar’ and, as he points out, lots of use of the phrase ‘Omni-Channel’. Omni-Channel, says Brad: it’s the new black.

We’re in the opening keynote session on the morning of the first day of Adobe Summit, the Digital Marketing Conference. Among the delegates from 27 different countries are 120 digital marketers from Asia Pacific, all hearing Brad explain that digital marketing is now a board-level conversation; a strategic imperative no business can afford to ignore.

Brad explains the concept of ‘the last millisecond’. As marketers, we’re tasked with delivering experiences to consumers in a fractional space of time: between the action – every swipe, tag, drag and click – and the decision – to buy, to subscribe, to join, or to leave the page.

To deliver a quality, engaging, in-context experience in that last millisecond, marketers need to overcome not only technology barriers but also organizational ones. “We don’t need more tools,” says Brad, “We just need to work better with what’s available now.  Getting access to the data that will deliver the information we need to build the right experiences can  be a big challenge. We need to get to a point where as marketers, we’re able to access our data at any time, simply and easily.”

Where marketers can connect the dots to deliver in that last millisecond, is where the big results start to happen. With Asia’s fast growth, culture of innovation, and smart marketers, it’s going to be very interesting to see what case studies come out of our region in the months and years ahead, as forward-looking companies engage every touchpoint, to deliver consumer experiences that make a real difference to the business.

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Digital Marketing

Posted on 03-14-2013

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