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Wondering what the hottest gifts will be this holiday season? Want to avoid the crowded days and shop when it’s most convenient for you? Are you more likely to buy gifts through your mobile rather than battling the shopping crowds this year? The Adobe Digital Index Holiday Predictions Report 2014 reveals the latest online shopping trends for the upcoming holiday season.

This extensive research is based on the analysis of select, anonymous, and aggregated data from over 5,000 major companies worldwide that use Adobe Marketing Cloud, to obtain actionable data and analysis of activity on their websites. The data was collected and analysed from 4,500 websites, 20 billion visits to ecommerce websites in 2014 and over 1 trillion visits since 2008!

Here are some of the holiday predictions from around Japan and Asia Pacific:

The Growth of Online Shopping Spend



Among 27 countries, spending on Cyber Monday is likely to be highest in the U.S. at $2.6 billion. Second will be China on Singles’ Day, which appropriately falls on 11 November every year, rivaling Cyber Day as the largest online shopping day worldwide. Online sales in China are expected to spike 423% above normal levels on Single’s Day this year at 30% year –on- year growth, Japan is projected to be the third highest spending country worldwide at $654 million, 12% year-on-year growth.

Across other APAC countries, spending growth looks healthy with Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore predicted to grow by more than 15% year-on-year. Thai shoppers are embracing online shopping at a faster rate than almost any other country in the world with a whopping 30% year-on-year growth, on par with China.

The Power of Mobile


With the rising popularity of smartphones, consumers are looking to mobile as a genuine shopping platform. As smartphones screens become bigger and mobile data connections improve, it’s imperative that retailers now offer the very best experience for phones. Whether at home, commuting and even when walking through the mall, shoppers are sending clear messages to retailers that they want to do business with the brands they love through their phones.

Japan leads the pack having the highest percentage worldwide of mobile online shopping at an incredible 12%! Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore are just behind with around 8% of all online sales predicted to be conducted through phones with the increasing ease of payment methods making buying on the run a natural evolution for shoppers who are breaking free from the constrains of the desktop.

Tablets still dominate the mobile shopping experience but only by a margin, with more people in Thailand (around 12% of online sales) expected to reach for their tablets to shop than in any other country in the region, with New Zealand and Australia just behind its heels.

Retailers in the region should look at their digital marketing strategy for mobiles to take advantage of customer’s love of mobile shopping, as this is a big opportunity for them to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

How important is the holiday season to retailers?


Australian retailers are the fourth moth dependent in the world on holiday sales season for online revenue, relying on it to deliver almost a quarter of total annual online sales in just a few short weeks, behind retailers in Brazil, the US and the Netherlands. Click Frenzy has become Australia’s biggest online shopping day and launches the Christmas shopping season on November 18 with retailers attracting shoppers with thousands of offers.

China is just behind Australia with over 20% of annual online sales coming from Singles Day on November 11. Singapore also heavily relies on the holiday season, where online sales are predicted to peak on December 8 as shoppers hunt down bargains and get their orders placed in time for delivery before Christmas.


Check out the full report here: Adobe 2014 Digital Index Online Shopping Forecast.

You can also watch this animated infographic of the report: Adobe Digital Index animated infographic


Be sure to visit us again soon when the actual results of holiday shopping season 2014 are released! Follow us @AdobeIndex for the latest on the report and stay tuned to this channel.

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Posted on 11-12-2014


  • By Greg Armshaw - 2:26 PM on November 19, 2014   Reply

    Hi Julie,
    Any comment to make on the massive Singles Day in China this year. Seems that it may have dwarfed Cyber Monday now.

  • By nikky - 6:40 PM on April 27, 2016   Reply

    check your pocket and make all financial plans before shopping .

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