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‘Tis The Season to Spend Online (and with your Mobile!)

Adobe Digital Marketing - Julie Cleeland Nicholls

Julie Clee­land Nicholls (Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing)

Julie Clee­land Nicholls, Adobe’s Direc­tor of Com­mu­ni­ca­tions for JAPAC and expert shop­per @jcnsingapore LinkedIn

Won­der­ing what the hottest gifts will be this hol­i­day sea­son? Want to avoid the crowd­ed days and shop when it’s most con­ve­nient for you? Are you more like­ly to buy gifts through your mobile rather than bat­tling the shop­ping crowds this year? The Adobe Dig­i­tal Index Hol­i­day Pre­dic­tions Report 2014 reveals the lat­est online shop­ping trends for the upcom­ing hol­i­day sea­son.

This exten­sive research is based on the analy­sis of select, anony­mous, and aggre­gat­ed data from over 5,000 major com­pa­nies world­wide that use Adobe Mar­ket­ing Cloud, to obtain action­able data and analy­sis of activ­i­ty on their web­sites. The data was col­lect­ed and analysed from 4,500 web­sites, 20 bil­lion vis­its to ecom­merce web­sites in 2014 and over 1 tril­lion vis­its since 2008!

Here are some of the hol­i­day pre­dic­tions from around Japan and Asia Pacif­ic:

The Growth of Online Shop­ping Spend



Among 27 coun­tries, spend­ing on Cyber Mon­day is like­ly to be high­est in the U.S. at $2.6 bil­lion. Sec­ond will be Chi­na on Sin­gles’ Day, which appro­pri­ate­ly falls on 11 Novem­ber every year, rival­ing Cyber Day as the largest online shop­ping day world­wide. Online sales in Chi­na are expect­ed to spike 423% above nor­mal lev­els on Single’s Day this year at 30% year –on- year growth, Japan is pro­ject­ed to be the third high­est spend­ing coun­try world­wide at $654 mil­lion, 12% year-on-year growth.

Across oth­er APAC coun­tries, spend­ing growth looks healthy with Aus­tralia, Hong Kong and Sin­ga­pore pre­dict­ed to grow by more than 15% year-on-year. Thai shop­pers are embrac­ing online shop­ping at a faster rate than almost any oth­er coun­try in the world with a whop­ping 30% year-on-year growth, on par with Chi­na.

The Pow­er of Mobile


With the ris­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of smart­phones, con­sumers are look­ing to mobile as a gen­uine shop­ping plat­form. As smart­phones screens become big­ger and mobile data con­nec­tions improve, it’s imper­a­tive that retail­ers now offer the very best expe­ri­ence for phones. Whether at home, com­mut­ing and even when walk­ing through the mall, shop­pers are send­ing clear mes­sages to retail­ers that they want to do busi­ness with the brands they love through their phones.

Japan leads the pack hav­ing the high­est per­cent­age world­wide of mobile online shop­ping at an incred­i­ble 12%! Aus­tralia, Thai­land, Hong Kong and Sin­ga­pore are just behind with around 8% of all online sales pre­dict­ed to be con­duct­ed through phones with the increas­ing ease of pay­ment meth­ods mak­ing buy­ing on the run a nat­ur­al evo­lu­tion for shop­pers who are break­ing free from the con­strains of the desk­top.

Tablets still dom­i­nate the mobile shop­ping expe­ri­ence but only by a mar­gin, with more peo­ple in Thai­land (around 12% of online sales) expect­ed to reach for their tablets to shop than in any oth­er coun­try in the region, with New Zealand and Aus­tralia just behind its heels.

Retail­ers in the region should look at their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­e­gy for mobiles to take advan­tage of customer’s love of mobile shop­ping, as this is a big oppor­tu­ni­ty for them to increase cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion and sales.

How impor­tant is the hol­i­day sea­son to retail­ers?


Aus­tralian retail­ers are the fourth moth depen­dent in the world on hol­i­day sales sea­son for online rev­enue, rely­ing on it to deliv­er almost a quar­ter of total annu­al online sales in just a few short weeks, behind retail­ers in Brazil, the US and the Nether­lands. Click Fren­zy has become Australia’s biggest online shop­ping day and launch­es the Christ­mas shop­ping sea­son on Novem­ber 18 with retail­ers attract­ing shop­pers with thou­sands of offers.

Chi­na is just behind Aus­tralia with over 20% of annu­al online sales com­ing from Sin­gles Day on Novem­ber 11. Sin­ga­pore also heav­i­ly relies on the hol­i­day sea­son, where online sales are pre­dict­ed to peak on Decem­ber 8 as shop­pers hunt down bar­gains and get their orders placed in time for deliv­ery before Christ­mas.


Check out the full report here: Adobe 2014 Dig­i­tal Index Online Shop­ping Fore­cast.

You can also watch this ani­mat­ed info­graph­ic of the report: Adobe Dig­i­tal Index ani­mat­ed info­graph­ic


Be sure to vis­it us again soon when the actu­al results of hol­i­day shop­ping sea­son 2014 are released! Fol­low us @AdobeIndex for the lat­est on the report and stay tuned to this chan­nel.

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    Hi Julie,
    Any com­ment to make on the mas­sive Sin­gles Day in Chi­na this year. Seems that it may have dwarfed Cyber Mon­day now.

  • By nikky - 6:40 PM on April 27, 2016   Reply

    check your pock­et and make all finan­cial plans before shop­ping .

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