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By harnessing the combination of creativity and design, data-driven marketers have the ability to not just connect emotionally with customers, but to amaze them through personalised end-to-end experiences.

It takes a visionary marketer to see their role as an ambassador of customer experience – to look at the end-to-end experience from product to sales to marketing to support. And as businesses evolve to become experience businesses – the opportunity for digital marketers to bring together art and science has never been more important.

To stand between the two, that is, bring together the best of creativity and design with data-driven marketing, is not always simple, especially as the global digital landscape is still developing and technology is evolving.

Mistakes are made. Too often, I see marketers try to do lots of small things, rather than focussing on a few big things that will really move the needle towards delivering amazing experiences. A mistake many businesses make is trying new, trendy marketing programs or channels for the sake of it, without attempting to understand the role the program plays in delivering a better customer experience.

What is shaping a CMO’s world?

Adobe’s global 2017 Digital Trends research conducted in partnership with eConsultancy shows over one-fifth (22 percent) of client-side respondents rank optimising the customer experience as the single most exciting opportunity for the year ahead, followed by creating compelling content (16 percent).

The big technologies I see as important today are around content creation, management and measurement – the ability to create the right content quickly and at scale is critical. Marketers may refer to this as content velocity.

The key is not to simply make more content, but to make content that is modular and flexible so it can be used to personalise experiences across multiple devices and touch points.

In the same Digital Trends report, businesses identified that in terms of the importance of customer experience, they most valued placing emphasis on ensuring experiences were as valuable, relevant and personalised as possible.
This shows just how important big data is. To be able to determine what is and isn’t working from a customer perspective, and deliver not just good but exceptional experiences, marketers need to be empowered with key trends and quality insights.

Looking at the horizon and beyond

While we are dealing with the here and now, it is equally as important for digital marketers to have one eye on the ‘next’ game changer.

Augmented reality, virtual reality, and machine learning are now widely discussed within the technology industry. The more sophisticated predictive technologies are increasingly underpinned by machine learning and data science.

For example, machine learning is already used today for predictive lead scoring looking at propensity to buy, either from consumers or business customers; as well as how past consumption and engagement trends can be used to personalise content in real-time for consumers.

Adobe is helping customers harness the power of creativity, design and data with new solutions like Adobe Sensei; a framework and set of intelligent services with deep expertise in AI and machine learning built into the Adobe Cloud Platform.

As ambassadors of customer experience, digital marketers have a very real opportunity to impact business performance. With the right vision and alignment between creativity, design and data, marketers can deliver amazing, personalised experiences quickly and at scale.

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