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Meet Adobe Scan: the free scan app with text recognition superpowers

A new free app, Adobe Scan turns your mobile device into an intelligent scanning and text-recognition tool, taking document creation to the next level.

Tax tips for small businesses

For small business, getting finances in order for the end of the financial year is a bit like getting fit for summer – you often have good intentions but the deadline sneaks up on you. Here are top tax tips for small businesses.

Workers warm to robots, report finds

Popular culture has postulated the idea that robots will eventually take over our jobs and lives. But contrary to this theory, most workers aren’t intimidated by the prospect of robots in the workplace.

April 11, 2017 / Document Management /

Increase employee experience with e-signature innovation

Finding and keeping talented people is a challenge for all organisations and legacy HR processes can cause unnecessary overheads and poor employee engagement. Today’s e-signature technology can streamline document workflows and deliver a great experience for candidates and employees.

Streamline legal processes with e-signatures

For many organisations, the legal line of business function is largely manual and can be constrained by having to rely on outdated search methods and error-prone information flows. In this blog we look at how e-signatures can reduce legal costs and compliance risks.

Pass by procurement pain points with e-signatures

Procuring the right products and services is vital for business success, but for many organisations, purchasing is still mired in administrative overheads and lengthy approvals. Streamlining authorisation processes and improving contract visibility, e-Signature technology creates a user-friendly experience for the procurement team and external vendors.