Adobe Asia Pacific Think Tank: The transformation of the work experience

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Just as customer experience can drive business performance, employee experience also plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of an organisation.

Connectivity, mobility and collaboration are givens for productivity. Things get interesting when technologies personalise a service, use data effectively and anticipate needs.

Fortunately, some experts are already analysing this future to understand how we – businesses and consumers – can build the best experience for all involved.

Harlina Sodhi is preparing her people for the future at IDFC Bank where she is Head of Culture and Capability.

Over a career spanning more than 20 years, Sodhi, a TedX speaker and awarded figure in the HR world, has come to believe that “digital intelligence” – an understanding of technology’s role in the workforce culture – is essential for employees at progressive organisations. Reinforcing the assumption that employee experience directly influences customer experience, Sodhi believes businesses need to prepare for the constant impact technology will have on the workforce.

Compassionate, purpose-driven businesses will be the most successful in inspiring staff and growing the bottom line – a case Sodhi will make on a panel of experts at Adobe’s Future of Work Think Tank in Sydney.

Preparing for the employee experience of the future is also a key research topic for Associate Professor Sarah Kaine of UTS Business School.

Kaine has closely analysed the “gig economy” created by industry disruptors such as Uber, Airtasker and Airbnb, spawning a new working class built on short contracts with little protection. Kaine believes the risk has shifted from corporations to individuals and is a red flag for experiences of work in the future.

Employees need to have a voice, Kaine says. She holds strong views on the role of management and regulatory bodies in promoting ethical employee relations in the digital economy.

To tie it all together, Adobe APAC’s Director of Transformation and Digital Strategy, Mark Henley, will contribute his strategic insights. Henley brings an in-depth understanding of how leading brands are rebuilding around technology and reimagining the customer experience.

Adobe’s Future of Work Think Tank will be live streamed on at 2pm AEDT on 6 December 2017. Join us for this panel discussion on what consumer and business experiences will look like in the future, and how we can prepare for the best outcome today.

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Posted on 11-23-2017

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