Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2013 – Sydney


Suzie Brady, Communications Manager, Adobe ANZ, LinkedIn


The mood was high in the morning as around 1,000 marketers and digital content managers from across Australia, and around the region, poured into the Hilton in Sydney for the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2013.

The draw card was Adobe’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Marketing Brad Rencher and his Symposium keynote – The Last Millisecond.

Brad’s keynote focused on his theory that digital moments are built in milliseconds and it’s no longer good enough for marketers to just focus on one avenue – like their company’s website.  Brad says marketers must engage everywhere – wherever their customers are, on whatever device they’re using.

With so much data available, marketers need to be able to use it effectively to predict what is going to happen next. Using the data, they need to reliably predict what the next customer touch will be. Brad says when marketers connect these dots, they will radically change their businesses.


Brad’s keynote was inspiring and delegates were enthralled as they realized the opportunities digital marketing presents, and the challenges they need to overcome. Brad’s address was a great way to start the Sydney Symposium. After the keynote followed numerous forward-thinking companies that are already using digital marketing to drive more relevant advertising to their customers and improve business results.

One of such companies is US Bank, where Rakesh Nambiar took to the stage talking about driving successful uptake through digital transformation. Rakesh explained how customer are now demanding personalised experiences and willing to provide personal information to get it. Did you know that 69% of consumers would provide personal info for more tailored financial advice?


The digital bank is the future as interactions online is growing. Another fun fact – 22% of Gen Y customers visited a bank when it was closed. Digital banking is 24/7, some people might have never even gone to a bank in person as almost everything can now be done online.   Of course the digital experience doesn’t just end online, offline interaction is just as important and there needs to be a seamless relationship between the two.

All in all, a great start to the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium. Look out for more sneaks at what went on in the event coming up, including videos!


Posted on 07-17-2013

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