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Our working lives have changed dramatically in just a few years. There’s the explosion of technologies such as collaboration tools, cloud computing and automation, for a start. We compete in a global marketplace and are now just as likely to work under contracts than in traditional, full-time positions.

Just as organisations grapple with transformation and disruption of their business models, similar questions loom for those within. How will we work in the decades to come? How can we best prepare those who are yet to enter the workforce?

The future of the individual worker will be a subject of debate by some of the most prominent and influential organisational and occupational thinkers in the region when Adobe brings together an expert panel for the Future of Work Think Tank live-stream on December 6 in Sydney .

Will employees need to be highly specialised and supremely flexible in their career choices? Will they strive for certainty within organisational structures or glide between projects and placements?

The expert panel will include politician Shiao-Yin Kuik, providing her unique point of view as a nominated member of parliament for Singapore – arguably Asia Pacific’s liveliest business hub. Kuik argues the responsibility for a compassionate culture rests with business and government leaders, who need to make workforce decisions with understanding and empathy.

Kuik is a co-founder of the Thought Collective, an assembly of community enterprises designed to “build up Singapore’s social and emotional capital”.
She has spent much of her career helping organisations prepare for the future and all its possibilities, advising public and private sector clients on creating empathic and impactful solutions to workforce change and employee management.

While Kuik is an advocate for the individual’s place within an organisation, what will be the organisational structure and how will it best function?

Fellow panellist Abhijit Bhaduri is a media commentator and one of India’s leading HR influencers. He’s a specialist in organisational design, how teams work and the essential elements for an effective, healthy business.

Formerly chief learning officer at global IT giant Wipro, Bhaduri provides insights into the importance of upskilling employees and how learning can keep staff engaged in the business’s mission. His experience in managing more than 100,000 staff provides a unique perspective on enabling team collaboration and supporting autonomous work.

Bhaduri is also a best-selling author and popular columnist for the Times of India. He will share his understanding of digital transformation while forecasting the skills needed to manage organisational culture in the future.

Preparing people to lead in this digital era is what our third panellist, Su-Yen Wong, has built her reputation on as CEO of Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute (SHCLI).

The SHCLI was created by principal government, educational and business bodies to nurture the country’s best natural resource; talent. Wong leads the group in developing executives into leaders both within the Asian market and abroad.

Her more than 20 years’ experience in HR and business strategy has made Wong strongly believe that these government and education institutions must work with business to prepare and support the workforce of tomorrow.

In our time of digital disruption, Wong considers ongoing education as an essential part of work experience for senior executives, millennials and every generation to come.

Share in Adobe’s Future of Work Think Tank discussion via the live stream on from 2pm AEDT on 6 December 2017. Join us for this panel discussion on how the future of work will affect people, and how we can prepare for the best outcome today.

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Posted on 11-27-2017

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