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From how employees collaborate with one another, to how a brand communicates with its customers – the role of digital technologies is today of prime importance in each aspect of business operations, and a solid online marketing strategy crucial to the success of a brand in any given industry.

With the digital wave transforming the way people interact with brands across multiple online and offline touchpoints, customers’ expectations are dynamically evolving. It is fast becoming the norm for a brand to make intelligent use of customer information and preferences, and ensure that every piece of customer engagement is seamless and relevant. Companies that aren’t embracing this wave of digital disruption are fast becoming obsolete, and are already feeling the heat of losing customers to competitive brands that are successfully leveraging digital technologies to deliver compelling and customised customer experiences.

Over the years, the heavily regulated financial services industry in India has made steady progress towards adoption of technology. With customer interactions transitioning fast to the online world, leading banks have transformed their digital strategies to ensure they deliver on their customers’ changing preferences in a seamless and secure manner. Today, brands in the banking space are powering their customer engagements with insights derived from transactional and interactional behaviors, and the possibilities that big data enables are now set to take the power of personalised banking to the next level.

Fuelled by a strategic focus on digital technologies, IDFC Bank has been among the first in the industry to take the lead in optimising the capabilities of the brand’s website and mobile application. Watch this video to understand how Adobe Experience Cloud helped IDFC Bank maintain a solid digital footprint, lower branch drop-ins, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Posted on 08-02-2017

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