Discover what it means to be an Experience Business at Adobe Symposium


It’s almost impossible to overstate the extent of the challenges marketers around the world face today. Constantly connected consumers churn through new platforms and devices, eschew traditional messaging, and ignore all but the most highly tailored and best timed messages. So how can you really understand what your customers are telling you and convey messages that have a real impact, with the diversity of technological devices and the sheer volume of data out there?

This is where experience becomes the key to excellent marketing that stands out from badly timed and targeted messaging – the white noise. India is one of the world’s fastest-developing markets. It is also a great example of a country where marketers are drawing on their experience to achieve the best results. Experienced marketers understand just the right amounts of creativity, content and data to use when creating an amazing customer experience.

The power of the message

Powerful messages make us reflect, and eventually modify our behavior, so long as they are well designed and delivered. Powerful experiences, on the other hand, can change the way we interact, entertain, work, and relate to the world around us. Brands that are thriving in the noisy and cluttered world of contemporary marketing understand this, and share one thing in common – they lead with customer experience.

Adobe is giving you rare access to the insight and skills of global marketing experts at its world-class Symposium, being held in India for the first time in 2016 at the magnificent Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. We offer more than 20 sessions, and four targeted tracks that cater to the whole scope of marketing professionals, business leaders, financial services specialists, and technology experts.

At Adobe Symposium, you can participate in your own immersive customer journey with industry leaders including:

  • Abhay Johorey, Head of Digital from Consumer Bank, IDFC Bank will discuss how to build a 360 view of customers in order to deliver excellent experiences.
  • Chinmai Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer with Taj Group, will explain how this prestigious hotel chain gathers experiential data direct from global locations with breathtaking velocity.
  • While Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, of innovative budget airline SpiceJet will also offer insights into creating stand-out customer experiences in a highly digital industry.

Be part of the evolving digital marketing world

The digital landscape is changing and marketers need to constantly update their strategies to succeed. At Adobe, we believe reinvention is a journey for you and your customers. Join us at Symposium 2016, where we’ll show you how to maximise every marketing opportunity through breakout sessions, keynotes and panel discussions.

When you attend Adobe Symposium this year, you will learn how to:

  1. Explore the latest trends, ideas, and best practices in digital marketing for greater results
  2. Build brand loyalty and capture new customers
  3. Employ cutting-edge practices for optimising web analytics, social media testing and targeting, and cross-channel campaigns
  4. Improve your understanding and use of data through Adobe Marketing Cloud
  5. Equip yourself with the tools you need to maximise every digital marketing opportunity.

Don’t miss Adobe Symposium 2016, with inspiring keynotes and breakout sessions presented by digital marketing leaders from around the region. Register now as slots are limited!


Posted on 04-26-2016

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