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March 28, 2016 /Events /

It’s All About Creativity

All That Buzz

Marketers. One could see them everywhere. In the elevator, in the lobby area, at the restaurants…some huddling for conversations in the hallway, and some even at the slot machines. After a stimulating line-up of keynote and breakout sessions on Day 1, their unwavering excitement for the next day at Adobe’s Summit 2016 could not be missed.

Over 10,000 attendees, all easily recognizable with ‘Adobe Summit 2016’ badges around their necks, eagerly marched towards the main hall to attend the Day 2 sessions, anticipating an extra special keynote.


A whopping 10,000 attendees participated in Adobe Summit 2016 at Las Vegas.

Data, Data, Data!

Adobe VP of Strategy John Mellor kicked off the session, and set context for the theme – ‘Bringing Creativity to a Data-Driven World’. He spoke about combining the power of content and data to deliver the best customer experience. Most importantly, John talked about the role creativity and innovation can play in helping brands stay relevant to their audiences. “We have to turn data into stories, stories that evoke emotions, and emotions that drive change”, he said. John further went on to talk about the how technology can help organizations build a narrative of their data and derive trends that can help brands get creative with weaving stories that their customers want to hear.


Adobe VP of Strategy John Mellor spoke about combining the power of content and data to deliver the best customer experience

From Toys to Soccer: Some Amazing Stories

Next up, we saw a powerful line-up of marketers who embodied these themes, sharing their inspiring personal experiences around the use of creativity.

Mattel COO Richard Dickson floored the audience with the brand’s exciting journey over the years, and shared examples of recent innovations by Mattel to regain relevance among its customers. “Sometimes, the most valuable invention is reinvention”, said Dickson. He  showcased how Barbie, perhaps the most loved girls’ toy across the globe, listened to customer feedback on diversity and recently refreshed itself with an entirely new range of dolls that break away from the brand’s traditional norms. Many were amazed when Richard showed Mattel’s new creative approach in this Barbie commercial.

Adobe Summit

“Sometimes, the most valuable invention is reinvention”, said Mattel COO Richard Dickson

Alma Derricks, VP of Sales & Marketing at the mesmerizing Cirque Du Soleil talked about the brand’s evolution over the last three decades. Emphasizing on every brand’s need to innovate, she talked about Cirque’s extended product portfolio and the brand’s recent move to offer behind-the-stage experiences to help customers get closer to the stage. “Turn down volume and focus on getting more intimate with your audience”, Alma said to the marketing fraternity.

Two time Olympian and soccer champion Abby Wambach spoke about equality, letting go of inhibitions, and inspired all attendees to “use your past as a positive to move forward”.

Closing Day 2, humanitarian and actor George Clooney enamored the audience with his take on creativity and acknowledged technology’s crucial role in driving innovation in the entertainment industry.

George Clooney

On a lighter note – humanitarian and actor George Clooney talked to Ann Lewnes (Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Adobe) about the amazing creativity he puts behind his infamous pranks

Today’s keynote wrapped up on a high note and gave marketing professionals a deep dive view into how creativity and innovation can help drive a great brand experience.

One can’t help wonder – could the term ‘CEO’ soon graduate to stand for Chief Experience Officer?

Watch the sessions re-play on Adobe Summit website.; or sign up early for the upcoming Adobe Symposium in Asia Pacific here.


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