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Painting the perfect digital experience

First, there were the traditional brick and mortar shops. Then came websites. And today, it is all about everything from mobile applications, to near real-life experiences enabled by amazing technologies like Virtual Reality.

Today, digital disruption has radically transformed the way customers interact with each and every brand. For making the purchasing decision on which house to buy, choosing the right furniture, or picking that exact colour for the walls – customer are increasingly moving online, and relying on digital content available to make a well informed decision from the plethora of options available to them. And brands that are not staying relevant in these changing market dynamics, are bound to be left behind.

In this digital era, leading brands across industries in India have adapted their marketing strategies to bring digital experiences to the core of their value proposition for customers. Aimed at making every customer interaction an experience, Mumbai headquartered and Asia’s fourth largest paint company, Asian Paints embraced the power of digital in a big way.

Watch this video to see how Asian Paints implemented Adobe Experience Manager to streamline content across multiple platforms (including desktop website, mobile website and mobile application), and deliver a compelling online experience for its customers – empowering the brand to seamlessly synchronise its customers’ digital experiences with those in the real world.

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