Inspiration and Innovation – Sneaks at Symposium 2016


It’s already July – and for the top marketers in Asia Pacific, that means it’s Symposium time, where thousands will gather at two pinnacle events in Sydney and Singapore to learn, share, socialise and be inspired. It’s one of my favourite times of the year, and let me tell you why.

Symposium is where we get to hear amazing insights from our Adobe customers and partners about how they are innovating and delivering outstanding digital experiences.  I love hearing stories of how the Adobe Marketing Cloud has sped up internal workflows, delivered great experiences and made a positive impact to the business. Some of our customers are really pushing the boundaries and doing extraordinary things, and these insights are incredibly motivating to other practitioners, as well as to Adobe employees.

Many of you will know that I’m a techie, which means it always feels kind of like Christmas when we release new product updates. But without a doubt, the best part of all comes during the discussion afterwards where I hear from various customers on how much time they’ll save or how they plan use the technology to deliver better experiences.  At Symposium this year, we’ll share some great examples of technology that will go way beyond product demonstrations, to showcase how well-known brands from around the world are actually taking advantage of new capabilities that are live and ready for use.

In the afternoon, we wrap up the day with Sneaks. Whether this is your first Symposium or you are a seasoned attendee, you are in for some fun here. Every year, Adobe Engineers come up with wonderful new innovative ideas to improve your life as a marketer. Sneaks is a chance to get a glimpse into some of those ideas and provide your feedback on what may become available in the product in the future.

Last year at Sneaks, I shared new machine learning concepts that the Adobe Experience Manager team were experimenting with at the time. The Smart Tag feature was able to recognise the content of images and add metadata to your digital asset library, effectively exposing those “dark assets” that you can never find. I also showed how you can review individual asset performance by sharing usage, impression counts and click throughs of image types.  Both of these “sneaks” were really well received by audiences in Singapore and Sydney – and as a result, now they are part of AEM and available to customers. This year we have a whole new set of impressive capabilities to share with you.

What new feature or sneak will make an impact to your ability to delight your customers? Join me at Adobe Symposium, tweet me @mszulc during Sneaks with your feedback, and let me know. See you soon!


Posted on 07-13-2016

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