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July 7, 2015 /Mobile /

APAC Marketers Show the World How to Connect with Consumers

Retailers throughout APAC are getting it right – creating relevant, timely content to engage consumers over their smartphones. As a result APAC consumers are spending more time “shopping” through their phones, visiting sites more frequently, and spending longer at each location than in most other parts of the world.

In fact the most recent Adobe annual Digital Index Report, shows clearly that retailers in this region are strides ahead of the rest of world when it comes to connecting with customers whether measured by mobile activity or closing sales.

Sourced over 2013 – 14, the report is based on over 100 billion website visits to more than 3,000-plus websites in Asia (Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Southeast Asia and South Korea). The region is also compared to the United States. Once the data was analysed, it showed APAC retailers had become an unlikely beacon of smartphone marketing success, with consistent growth in traffic, as well as improvements in stickiness and various types of engagement.


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Tablet still strong in ANZ

Australia and New Zealand lead the way when it came to tablet-based content delivery, and engagement, thanks to the popularity of those devices in those countries. In other parts of the region, companies have had to pitch their campaigns to match the most popular interface.

From all the data I have seen, I think if you have to choose one platform to develop for, the smart phone would be the smartest choice as there is growth across the broad – by industry and country. This is a definite change from last year, when tablets were all the rage.

Consumers stick around in APAC

Stickiness refers to when users go beyond the first page of a website. It is important as it shows the website is targeted and easy to navigate.

Countries throughout Asia seem to know how to design their sites well. The reason this is so important is that stickiness leads to conversion, and the standout for conversion AND mobile traffic is Japan. With the highest combination of smartphone and tablet traffic in the region one would expect conversion to be weaker than those with stronger desktop traffic. The reason is that mobile conversion still lags desktop conversion.


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