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July 7, 2015 /Mobile /

APAC Marketers Show the World How to Connect with Consumers

Retail­ers through­out APAC are get­ting it right – cre­at­ing rel­e­vant, time­ly con­tent to engage con­sumers over their smart­phones. As a result APAC con­sumers are spend­ing more time “shop­ping” through their phones, vis­it­ing sites more fre­quent­ly, and spend­ing longer at each loca­tion than in most oth­er parts of the world.

In fact the most recent Adobe annu­al Dig­i­tal Index Report, shows clear­ly that retail­ers in this region are strides ahead of the rest of world when it comes to con­nect­ing with cus­tomers whether mea­sured by mobile activ­i­ty or clos­ing sales.

Sourced over 2013 – 14, the report is based on over 100 bil­lion web­site vis­its to more than 3,000-plus web­sites in Asia (Aus­tralia, New Zealand, Chi­na, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South­east Asia and South Korea). The region is also com­pared to the Unit­ed States. Once the data was analysed, it showed APAC retail­ers had become an unlike­ly bea­con of smart­phone mar­ket­ing suc­cess, with con­sis­tent growth in traf­fic, as well as improve­ments in stick­i­ness and var­i­ous types of engage­ment.


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Tablet still strong in ANZ

Aus­tralia and New Zealand lead the way when it came to tablet-based con­tent deliv­ery, and engage­ment, thanks to the pop­u­lar­i­ty of those devices in those coun­tries. In oth­er parts of the region, com­pa­nies have had to pitch their cam­paigns to match the most pop­u­lar inter­face.

From all the data I have seen, I think if you have to choose one plat­form to devel­op for, the smart phone would be the smartest choice as there is growth across the broad – by indus­try and coun­try. This is a def­i­nite change from last year, when tablets were all the rage.

Consumers stick around in APAC

Stick­i­ness refers to when users go beyond the first page of a web­site. It is impor­tant as it shows the web­site is tar­get­ed and easy to nav­i­gate.

Coun­tries through­out Asia seem to know how to design their sites well. The rea­son this is so impor­tant is that stick­i­ness leads to con­ver­sion, and the stand­out for con­ver­sion AND mobile traf­fic is Japan. With the high­est com­bi­na­tion of smart­phone and tablet traf­fic in the region one would expect con­ver­sion to be weak­er than those with stronger desk­top traf­fic. The rea­son is that mobile con­ver­sion still lags desk­top con­ver­sion.


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