Asia Pacific is the World’s Most Mobile-Ready Region


The state of ‘mobile-first’ has already arrived in Asia Pacific (APAC). This isn’t surprising, considering APAC has the world’s highest number of mobile phone users. According to eMarketer, there were 2.57 billion mobile users in 2014 in APAC, with China alone accounting for over 40%!

Interesting findings from a new study release by Econsultancy in association with Adobe show that Asia is in the eye of the mobile storm, with mobile-centric business strategies firmly in place. The Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: The Quest for Mobile Excellence, presents findings from a survey conducted through February and March 2015, reaching almost 3,000 respondents, comprising 28% from APAC, 21% from North America and 51% from Europe. Download the full report here.


The study reveals the extent of mobile-first business transformation in APAC with 38% of respondents stating they have a defined mobile strategy that goes out at least 12 month – a higher percentage than in either Europe (34%) or North America (31%).

Figure 1: Does your organisation have a mobile strategy?

Does your organisation have a mobile strategy

Furthermore, 33% of APAC respondents strongly agreed or agreed that mobile activities are central to their overall business and how they engage with customers, compared to 32% in North America and 26% in Europe. This only confirms that mobile-first business transformation is being led by Asia Pacific.

Figure 2: ‘Our mobile activities are central to our overall business and how we engage with customers’

mobile activities are central to our overall business and how we engage with customers

The study also found that 70% of APAC mobile traffic comes from smartphones, compared to 61% in North American and 60% in Europe, reinforcing the different nature of mobility in the APAC region, the world’s most mobile prolific consumer of smartphone devices.

It’s all about Apps

APAC responses told an interesting story about the business value of mobile apps. Respondents from APAC were significantly more enthusiastic about conversion rates, saying they were higher for mobile apps than for mobile web – 48% strongly agreed or agreed; compared to just 26% in Europe and 27% in North America.

Figure 3: In the context of your own organisation, please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements (231 APAC respondents).

Mobile Apps

Perhaps reflecting on the central and integrated nature of mobile strategy to their business, APAC respondents also felt more confident in their ability to measure the success and ROI of mobile apps just as well as they could measure their website, with 47% of APAC respondents strongly agreeing or agreeing; and just 35% in Europe and 30% in North America feeling the same way.


The findings from the study reinforces APAC’s position as the world’s most mobile-ready region, with marketers and business leaders focused on making the most of mobile strategies. Businesses and marketers in APAC have a higher level of confidence and integration around their mobile strategy and its execution, than in either Europe or North America. The data reveals a tale of three regions, all facing a disruptive and exciting mobile-led transformation; and all working through different stages of their evolution.

Download the full report here.


Posted on 06-08-2015

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