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Digital marketers in Asia Pacific, the most-mobile ready region, continue to excel in mobile marketing. Adobe Digital Index Best of the Best research indicates mobile is the fastest growing and most important channel for digital marketers in the region providing an effective form of customer interaction and engagement.

The research also reflects how mobile-first business is being led by Asia Pacific, as the region outpaces the United States on smartphone visits. In a region with over 2.5 billion mobile users, marketers in Asia Pacific are focused on making sure mobile is in integral part of their overall strategy.

The Adobe Digital Index Best of the Best Benchmark 2015 compares the overall average versus the top 20% websites on six key performance indicators across eight regions: Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), Southeast Asia (SEA), India, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan and the United States.

Key performance indicators are smartphone and tablet traffic; stick rate; visits-per-visitor; time spent; conversion rate and click-through rate. The research gives marketers across Asia Pacific valuable insights into how the best digital marketing organisations are performing relative to the average.

Some of the top findings in the Best of the Best Benchmark report country by country include:

Mobile Marketing Asia Pacific

 Asia Pacific share of smartphone visits

Smartphone visits continue to surge across the region. All countries are up over last year; led by double digit growth in South Korea, Japan and SEA. It’s obvious that consumers continue to reply more and more on their phone to be connected therefor mobile optimization is no longer an option but a necessity. In addition, Best of the Best continue to widen the gap between themselves and the Rest of the pack. The Best companies in South Korea lead for smartphone usage.

Country APAC share of smartphone visits

Asia Pacific share of tablet visits

Tablet usage remains flat year over year in the region with only ANZ experiencing a small 2% increase in share. In fact ANZ, along with SEA, see the highest share of traffic from tablets while India and China are the lowest. As with smartphones, the table share gap between the Best and the Rest is widening. It’s important for marketers to note that tablet visitors tend to consume more video and rich content and therefore device optimization is key.

Country APAC share of tablet visits


Stickiness is a critical metric, and refers to the ability to attract and satisfy the consumer so that their visits last more than one page. In generally stickiness in APAC is generally better than the US with South Korea in the lead with ANZ closely behind, while China lags behind its peers. Compared to mobile visits, the gap between the Best and the Rest is relatively small and on par with that seen in the US. How can marketers improve stickiness? Optimize paths based on device and context and align reach-based advertising with specific audiences.

Country APAC website stickiness (user engagement)

Visit Rate (visits per visitor per month)

More visits per visitor equates to loyalty and reduced acquisition costs – which is a big win for marketers! With the exception of China, all countries enjoy higher repeat traffic than the US and ANZ leads the region in both average best and gap metrics. In addition, traffic remains consistent or growing as no country saw a decrease in visits per visitor over last year. Loyal visitors are key to markets as they convert at a higher rate and contribute more to brand health.

Country Visit Rate


India and Japan enjoy the highest conversion rates in the region and the US, also improved performance year on year. On the other hand, Hong Kong, SEA and China show the weakest conversation rates with the Best in China on par with the average in ANZ. South Korea’s Best enjoy the widest gap and are on par with the US. Marketers need to understand that getting to conversion requires understanding what activities consumers use mobile and desktop for and eliminating any friction in the process to create a great customer experience.

Country Conversion - Mobile Optimization


Time spent is a two-edged sword – It can reflect either an enjoyable or frustrating experience. All countries see higher time on site than the US. The gap between the Best and the Rest is consistent and relatively narrow compared to other key metrics. India and SEA see the most time spent on site while South Korea sees the least. Longer visits can lead to engagement and loyal visitors, which may also increase upsell and advertising opportunities. However it may be related to confusion and difficult navigation and this should be tracked with pathing.

Country Consumption - Mobile Marketing

Click-through-rate (CTR)

CTR indicates the alignment between consumer intent and advertising execution. Acquisition via search is strongest in ANZ and weakest in Japan and SEA. The US rates are higher than overall regional average and the Best in APAC distance themselves further than their peers compared to the US. An improved CTR increases Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and stretches budget further for additional acquisition activities.

Country Click-Through-Rates - Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is no longer an option and businesses under-skilled in mobile development will be disadvantaged. APAC is dominating when it comes to smartphone visits – we’re seeing the Best websites in APAC coming out ahead of the US, with more than 50% of their visitors coming from smartphones, and increasingly high success rates in areas like consumption and stickiness. The data is telling us that delivering seamless experiences across devices is the key to acquisition and engagement.

The Best of the Best Benchmark is part of Adobe’s strategy to give back to practitioners. Check out the full report to discover the breakdown by industry as well. To find out where your organisation falls on within the Benchmark take Adobe’s Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment.


Posted on 08-25-2015

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