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August 25, 2015 /Mobile /

Best of the Best in Mobile Marketing

Dig­i­tal mar­keters in Asia Pacif­ic, the most-mobile ready region, con­tin­ue to excel in mobile mar­ket­ing. Adobe Dig­i­tal Index Best of the Best research indi­cates mobile is the fastest grow­ing and most impor­tant chan­nel for dig­i­tal mar­keters in the region pro­vid­ing an effec­tive form of cus­tomer inter­ac­tion and engage­ment.

The research also reflects how mobile-first busi­ness is being led by Asia Pacif­ic, as the region out­paces the Unit­ed States on smart­phone vis­its. In a region with over 2.5 bil­lion mobile users, mar­keters in Asia Pacif­ic are focused on mak­ing sure mobile is in inte­gral part of their over­all strat­e­gy.

The Adobe Dig­i­tal Index Best of the Best Bench­mark 2015 com­pares the over­all aver­age ver­sus the top 20% web­sites on six key per­for­mance indi­ca­tors across eight regions: Aus­tralia and New Zealand (ANZ), South­east Asia (SEA), India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Chi­na, Japan and the Unit­ed States.

Key per­for­mance indi­ca­tors are smart­phone and tablet traf­fic; stick rate; vis­its-per-vis­i­tor; time spent; con­ver­sion rate and click-through rate. The research gives mar­keters across Asia Pacif­ic valu­able insights into how the best dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing organ­i­sa­tions are per­form­ing rel­a­tive to the aver­age.

Some of the top find­ings in the Best of the Best Bench­mark report coun­try by coun­try include:

Mobile Marketing Asia Pacific

 Asia Pacific share of smartphone visits

Smart­phone vis­its con­tin­ue to surge across the region. All coun­tries are up over last year; led by dou­ble dig­it growth in South Korea, Japan and SEA. It’s obvi­ous that con­sumers con­tin­ue to reply more and more on their phone to be con­nect­ed there­for mobile opti­miza­tion is no longer an option but a neces­si­ty. In addi­tion, Best of the Best con­tin­ue to widen the gap between them­selves and the Rest of the pack. The Best com­pa­nies in South Korea lead for smart­phone usage.

Country APAC share of smartphone visits

Asia Pacific share of tablet visits

Tablet usage remains flat year over year in the region with only ANZ expe­ri­enc­ing a small 2% increase in share. In fact ANZ, along with SEA, see the high­est share of traf­fic from tablets while India and Chi­na are the low­est. As with smart­phones, the table share gap between the Best and the Rest is widen­ing. It’s impor­tant for mar­keters to note that tablet vis­i­tors tend to con­sume more video and rich con­tent and there­fore device opti­miza­tion is key.

Country APAC share of tablet visits


Stick­i­ness is a crit­i­cal met­ric, and refers to the abil­i­ty to attract and sat­is­fy the con­sumer so that their vis­its last more than one page. In gen­er­al­ly stick­i­ness in APAC is gen­er­al­ly bet­ter than the US with South Korea in the lead with ANZ close­ly behind, while Chi­na lags behind its peers. Com­pared to mobile vis­its, the gap between the Best and the Rest is rel­a­tive­ly small and on par with that seen in the US. How can mar­keters improve stick­i­ness? Opti­mize paths based on device and con­text and align reach-based adver­tis­ing with spe­cif­ic audi­ences.

Country APAC website stickiness (user engagement)

Visit Rate (visits per visitor per month)

More vis­its per vis­i­tor equates to loy­al­ty and reduced acqui­si­tion costs — which is a big win for mar­keters! With the excep­tion of Chi­na, all coun­tries enjoy high­er repeat traf­fic than the US and ANZ leads the region in both aver­age best and gap met­rics. In addi­tion, traf­fic remains con­sis­tent or grow­ing as no coun­try saw a decrease in vis­its per vis­i­tor over last year. Loy­al vis­i­tors are key to mar­kets as they con­vert at a high­er rate and con­tribute more to brand health.

Country Visit Rate


India and Japan enjoy the high­est con­ver­sion rates in the region and the US, also improved per­for­mance year on year. On the oth­er hand, Hong Kong, SEA and Chi­na show the weak­est con­ver­sa­tion rates with the Best in Chi­na on par with the aver­age in ANZ. South Korea’s Best enjoy the widest gap and are on par with the US. Mar­keters need to under­stand that get­ting to con­ver­sion requires under­stand­ing what activ­i­ties con­sumers use mobile and desk­top for and elim­i­nat­ing any fric­tion in the process to cre­ate a great cus­tomer expe­ri­ence.

Country Conversion - Mobile Optimization


Time spent is a two-edged sword – It can reflect either an enjoy­able or frus­trat­ing expe­ri­ence. All coun­tries see high­er time on site than the US. The gap between the Best and the Rest is con­sis­tent and rel­a­tive­ly nar­row com­pared to oth­er key met­rics. India and SEA see the most time spent on site while South Korea sees the least. Longer vis­its can lead to engage­ment and loy­al vis­i­tors, which may also increase upsell and adver­tis­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties. How­ev­er it may be relat­ed to con­fu­sion and dif­fi­cult nav­i­ga­tion and this should be tracked with pathing.

Country Consumption - Mobile Marketing

Click-through-rate (CTR)

CTR indi­cates the align­ment between con­sumer intent and adver­tis­ing exe­cu­tion. Acqui­si­tion via search is strongest in ANZ and weak­est in Japan and SEA. The US rates are high­er than over­all region­al aver­age and the Best in APAC dis­tance them­selves fur­ther than their peers com­pared to the US. An improved CTR increas­es Return on Adver­tis­ing Spend (ROAS) and stretch­es bud­get fur­ther for addi­tion­al acqui­si­tion activ­i­ties.

Country Click-Through-Rates - Mobile Optimization

Mobile opti­miza­tion is no longer an option and busi­ness­es under-skilled in mobile devel­op­ment will be dis­ad­van­taged. APAC is dom­i­nat­ing when it comes to smart­phone vis­its – we’re see­ing the Best web­sites in APAC com­ing out ahead of the US, with more than 50% of their vis­i­tors com­ing from smart­phones, and increas­ing­ly high suc­cess rates in areas like con­sump­tion and stick­i­ness. The data is telling us that deliv­er­ing seam­less expe­ri­ences across devices is the key to acqui­si­tion and engage­ment.

The Best of the Best Bench­mark is part of Adobe’s strat­e­gy to give back to prac­ti­tion­ers. Check out the full report to dis­cov­er the break­down by indus­try as well. To find out where your organ­i­sa­tion falls on with­in the Bench­mark take Adobe’s Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Matu­ri­ty Assess­ment.


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