The Future of Digital Publishing


Publishing is a cyclical business. In this case, I’m not talking about the macro financial or market environment but the process itself. Create content. Get it out. Have it read. Get feedback. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

These days, that cycle must be more rapid than ever. Monthly is archaic. Weekly is quaint. Daily gets you into the game. And even quicker gets you to the top.

The real power of the modern publishing experience is the chance to give readers immediate smaller pieces of content delivered to a richly designed, branded App. Create a reason for frequent visits. Drive deeper engagement. Become indispensible. Get your icon onto the Home screen.

Today Fast Company announced their app built on Adobe’s re-imagined vision of publishing. Article-based publishing — not issue-based — lets Fast Company deliver bite-sized pieces of content throughout the day so the app stays up-to-date and keeps readers engaged. Yet the Fast Company app still provides the rich experience of the print paradigm.

Eighty percent of the App’s beta testers preferred the frequency of content updates – especially compelling when you find out that 64% used an iPhone as their primary access point.

Read the full story of the next publishing revolution here.


Posted on 02-25-2015

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