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February 5, 2013 /Mobile /

Leading Australian retailer David Jones launches mobile application as it celebrates 175 years in business

Icon­ic Aus­tralian retail­er David Jones has launched its first retail iPad appli­ca­tion, cre­at­ed with Adobe® Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite.  For the first time, David Jones cus­tomers can browse the lat­est brands and designs on their tablets – mak­ing shop­ping not only easy, but inter­ac­tive, fun and inspir­ing, deep­en­ing brand engage­ment.

The app is part of the retailer’s omni-chan­nel strat­e­gy, and is a com­po­nent of its new ecom­merce web­site roll-out. Named the David Jones Mag­a­zine, it’s now avail­able on iTunes, and show­cas­es guest edi­to­r­i­al, David Jones shop-able con­tent and pro­vides cus­tomers with an inter­ac­tive shop­ping and cat­a­logue expe­ri­ence.

David Jones chose Adobe’s solu­tion for its new dig­i­tal ven­ture as it offers a com­plete solu­tion to cre­ate, dis­trib­ute, mon­e­tise and opti­mise engag­ing con­tent and pub­li­ca­tions for tablet devices. Like many organ­i­sa­tions, David Jones has recog­nised the pow­er of offer­ing cus­tomers a tablet solu­tion – the Adobe Dig­i­tal Index revealed that tablet users on aver­age pur­chase 20 per cent more than web vis­i­tors and 50 per cent more than smart­phone users.

The Adobe Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite allows retail­ers to take advan­tage of and avoid miss­ing out on new untapped rev­enue and engage­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties on mobile devices. Not only does it bring to life cat­a­logue images through rich­ly designed con­tent and inter­ac­tiv­i­ty, it also cap­tures con­sumer insights through ana­lyt­ics, a vital require­ment for dri­ving rev­enue growth.

For David Jones, the Adobe Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite pro­vid­ed a flex­i­ble, end-to-end solu­tion which made app devel­op­ment easy and was an effec­tive way to con­nect with  cus­tomers. David Jones plans to use the plat­form to scale to mul­ti­ple devices, such as Android devices and the iPhone.

Apps are begin­ning to have a much larg­er reach for busi­ness­es as con­sumers choose to inter­act online either via their tablet or mobile phones to make pur­chase deci­sions. Out of the many pub­lish­ing plat­forms avail­able, Adobe plays a lead­er­ship role in pub­lish­ing trans­for­ma­tion , with many apps  devel­oped using Adobe Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite, includ­ingMartha Stew­art, Time, Oprah, Newsweek, Nation­al Geo­graph­ic, Mag­a­zine, Fast Com­pa­ny, Reader’s Digest and Van­i­ty Fair.  To read more about the Adobe Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite and its full capa­bil­i­ty click here

About Adobe Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite
Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite is a set of turnkey host­ed ser­vices and view­er tech­nol­o­gy that tight­ly inte­grates with Adobe Cre­ative Suite 6 prod­ucts. Using Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite in com­bi­na­tion with Adobe InDe­sign CS6 allows tra­di­tion­al media pub­lish­ers, cor­po­rate organ­i­sa­tions, ad agen­cies as well as indi­vid­ual free­lance design­ers and small design firms to pub­lish, dis­trib­ute, mon­e­tise and opti­mise a new class of inno­v­a­tive dig­i­tal mag­a­zines, news­pa­pers, ads and cor­po­rate pub­li­ca­tions on lead­ing tablets includ­ing the Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Kin­dle Fire, Sam­sung Galaxy and oth­er Android tablet devices. The Dig­i­tal Pub­lish­ing Suite includes Enter­prise, Pro­fes­sion­al and Sin­gle Edi­tions.

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