ANZ online retailers should brace for December 13 judgement day

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Smart shoppers in Australia and New Zealand are increasingly leaving the annoyances of brick-and-mortar retail behind, embracing the world of online shopping instead. While this approach delivers a more relaxed experience for the customer, online outlets will find themselves no less frenzied when internet shopping is scheduled to peak on December 13th.

According to new data from the Adobe Digital Insights 2016 Holiday Shopping Predictions: Europe and Asia Pacific report, this date will see people in Australia and New Zealand spend AUD$236 million online – a 60% increase on a typical day for the holiday period – amounting to a spend of AUD$9.50 per internet user across both countries.

For retailers hoping to cash in on this increased spending, Adobe’s report provides some effective strategies:

Australians’ top reasons for shopping online include lower prices and better deals (65%), free shipping (49%), and increased product availability (31%).

Australians are not as suspicious of being marketed to as they once were, resulting in a significant drop in the number of people who object to being approached by retailers in the holiday season.

79% of Australians are open to hearing from marketers this holiday season. In fact, emails and advertisements are now preferred as a means of finding bargains over in-person conversations with friends and family.

Social media’s impact is also growing, with its influence on purchasing decisions enjoying a 450% increase since 2015, jumping from 2% last year to 11% in 2016.

There has been an increase in people’s comfort level around using smartphones and tablets to make purchases, and over a quarter of all online revenue from the holiday period will come from purchases made on these devices. Australians will visit up to 3-4 websites before making a purchase.

Shoppers have indicated this willingness to browse and buy on-the-go stems from retailers doing a better job of mobile optimisation (65%), apps now providing an easier shopping experience than traditional web browsers (48%), and better mobile payment options (48%).

With Australia and New Zealand’s shoppers set to spend AUD$10.7 billion online over this holiday period – a 12% increase year on year – now is the time for online retailers to adapt to changing shopping habits, to embrace mobile optimisation, and to take advantage of shoppers’ increased openness to being approached by retailers in the build up to the holidays.


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