More Australians to use work hours for online shopping this holiday season

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Employers lacking festive spirit have a new reason to “bah, humbug” this holiday season, as Australia’s increasing comfort with online shopping causes a significant rise in the number engaging in holiday shopping while at work.

According to new data from the Adobe Digital Insights 2016 Holiday Shopping Predictions: Europe and Asia Pacific report, the number of Australians who see “shopping from work” as a key driver for online purchases has increased by 175% since 2015, and is part of a larger trend influencing a changing approach to shopping among Australians.

This increased comfort felt towards online shopping is directly linked to the pervasiveness of smart devices and retailers’ willingness to take advantage of this by optimising their mobile shopping experiences, a factor 65% of Australians credit with making online shopping easier.

Why would anyone push through the crowds at a busy brick and mortar store when better deals, a wider selection of products, and cheap home delivery are all available via an optimised, seamless experience from the device in their pocket?

Almost half of all Australians believe apps now offer a better experience for gift browsing than traditional web browsers, and the same number attribute better mobile payment options with making the experience easier.

This year, over a quarter of all online holiday period revenue will come from purchases made on smartphones and tablets, while 45% of browsing will also come from these devices.

Social media’s influence on purchasing decisions has also increased as it has become more integrated into people’s lives, with a 450% increase year on year.

As retail marketing has grown in sophistication, becoming more personalised and engaging in the process, Australians’ comfort with shopping online across any device has increased.

With Australia and New Zealand set to spend AUD$10.7 billion online over this holiday period – a 12% increase year on year – online retail is already big business. However, we can be sure it’s only going to grow from here, as the number of people shopping from work, home, and on the go continues to climb.

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