Adobe Digital Dialogue

Meet the Adobe Experience Makers

Adobe Experience Makers is a four-part podcast series about those working behind the scenes to craft smarter, more meaningful interactions that tap into the specific needs of customers in a region of staggering diversity, where no two markets are the same.

Create Protected PDFs from Microsoft Office

Easily prevent people from editing and copying information from your file. Restrict the way people use your PDF file right from within Microsoft Office applications on Windows.

Small businesses increase technology spending to take on bigger rivals

As consumers seek out more compelling customer experiences, SMBs are realising that they need to be more like big businesses when it comes to technology investment.

Small business invests for the digital future

As business focus moves from ‘customer service’ to the higher plane of ‘customer experience’ – which increasingly means across multiple channels and touch points – SMBs are responding to both the challenge and the opportunity to transform their businesses for the new digital marketplace.

Design and creativity underpin Experience Business

Merging online and offline experiences stood out as the number one investment priority for enterprises when Adobe polled 5,000 creative and marketing professionals across the region for the Creative Pulse 2017 report.

Malaysia’s Digital Overhaul – Adobe Experience Forum

There are few markets more fiercely-competitive than Southeast Asia – and for brands looking to pull away from the competition, becoming an experience business is no longer an advantage, but an imperative.