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Four Things British Shoppers Are Telling Us About the Future of Digital Commerce as Lockdown Eases

As a sem­blance of nor­mal­i­ty returns to the British shop­ping scene, the insights we’ve uncov­ered reveal much about the short­com­ings and oppor­tu­ni­ties that have sur­faced dur­ing this incon­ceiv­able peri­od of our lives…

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UK Online Commerce Remains High Despite Small Contraction in June

Fol­low­ing an ear­ly surge, online pur­chas­es slowed in June for the first time in months, accord­ing to UK fig­ures from Adobe’s Dig­i­tal Econ­o­my Index.

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Lancement du programme Magento Commerce Fast Start pour les entreprises B2B et B2C

En cette péri­ode par­ti­c­ulière­ment dif­fi­cile, Adobe pro­pose une offre de ser­vices accélérée pour per­me­t­tre à nos clients de créer un site d’e‑commerce en quelques semaines, au lieu de plusieurs mois.

At MagentoLive 2019, European brands are making experience their business

Here’s Pres­i­dent of Inter­na­tion­al at Adobe, on how busi­ness­es are set­ting the stan­dard for expe­ri­ence-dri­ven com­merce.