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Alex Hayward

Alex Hayward

Alex Hayward is the Director of Strategic Development for Creative Cloud for Enterprise at Adobe, where he leads the European Strategic development team for Adobe’s creative products. He is responsible for the development, adoption and marketing of Creative Cloud to large brand organizations and agencies. Prior to joining Adobe, he held sales and business development leadership positions at Antivia, Clairmail, The Crowd and Digital Fountain. He enjoys mentoring children through the Friendship Works program. Alex has a passion for music, and currently has Royal Blood playing in his ears in heavy rotation. Alex currently works at Adobe within the Primetime Business Development team. Adobe® Primetime lets content programmers and distributors profit from OTT IP video on every connected screen (tablets, mobile phones, desktops, televisions etc). It eliminates the complexity of reaching, monetizing, and activating global audiences across devices by providing a modular platform for video publishing, advertising, and analytics. The results? Greater revenue from ad sales and subscriptions, lower operating costs, and audiences that are more engaged.