Why AI holds the key to relevance and personalisation

Get Ready For the Adobe Experience Festival

Five Ways Technology Can Drive Content Velocity

Jamie Brighton

Jamie Brighton

14 years in digital marketing with client, agency and vendor-side experience in Europe and Asia. At Adobe for 8 years getting passionate about digital marketing optimisation with clients – helping them to get return on investment from behavioural targeting and cross-channel analytics programmes.
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How Data Will Take the IT Role to the Next Level

It’s clear that the data scientist role has become increasingly important for any brand looking to stay relevant. But as more data be...

ICYMI: Augmented Reality, AI, and Voice Technology at Adobe Summit Sneaks 2019

This year’s Sneaks really has been the best one yet.

Five Ways Technology Can Drive Content Velocity

In order for brands to be successful, they need to combine the art of content with the science of data.
Customer Experience

Warum eine schlechte Mobile Experience die Feiertage ruiniert

Unser Shoppen findet zunehmend auf mobilen Endgeräten statt. Und jeder Marketer weiß: Wenn die Mobile Experience hinter den Kundenerw...
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Why mobile experiences will make or break your holiday sales

Dynamic content, alignment between platforms and data are crucial elements for a successful mobile experience
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Holiday sales: How not to lose sight of your customer experience

For companies that get the festive season right, the spoils are plentiful.
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Comment l’intelligence artificielle révèle la valeur ajoutée des données

Il appartient aux marketeurs de définir des objectifs clairs, qu’il s’agisse de promouvoir un nouveau produit, de relayer une camp...
Digital Marketing

Comment transformer les données client en intelligence client

Nous recueillons des volumes colossaux de données sur les modes d'interaction des clients. Dans ce contexte, la gestion de toutes ces ...
Digital Marketing

How to turn customer data into customer intelligence

Learn how Adobe Analytics and Adobe Advertising Cloud can help you deliver more adaptable and personalised customer experiences
Customer Experience

How AI is turning data into value

For customers, creativity and relevance are what count the most
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Musikfestivals machen´s vor: Drei Tipps für eine starke Fangemeinde

Musikfestivals machen es bereits vor: Lassen Sie sich von der Musikfestival-Branche inspirieren und lesen Sie im Folgenden drei zentral...
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Développer un esprit communautaire chez vos clients : trois leçons à tirer des festivals de musique

Le public peut être aussi impliqué émotionnellement vis-à-vis d'une marque que d’un type de musique, à condition que le lien qui...
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Community building — three lessons from the music festival industry

Building a fan base for your brand is like building a community
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How Coca-Cola Adds Fizz to its Digital Experiences

Digital experiences must be as compelling as the products they represent.
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