Why AI holds the key to relevance and personalisation

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Five Ways Technology Can Drive Content Velocity

Phil Duffield

Phil Duffield

General Manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud - EMEA


Digital Advertising: 25 Years Old and Already the Most Dominant Force in Advertising

It’s hard to believe that 1994 would mark the birth of digital advertising.
Customer Experience

Wie Adobe Werbung zu einem vernetzten Erlebnis macht

Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass die Werbewelt stark von der digitalen Transformation beeinflusst wurde, und Werbung heute ebenso von Daten ...

Advertising in the Experience Era – How Adobe is Making Advertising a Connected Experience

At the upcoming Adobe Summit EMEA, during the “Advertising as a Connected Experience” session, attendees will learn more about how ...

Five Priorities for the Future of TV Advertising in Europe

Adobe partnered with TV industry heavy weights Sky, TVBeat, Alphonso and MTM, to form a TV Consortium in May 2018. In the last year, we...

Adobe at Advertising Week Europe

Adobe's keynotes and panels to explore at Advertising Week Europe

Adobe Awarded Bing Technology Partner of the Year: Advertising Cloud Customers the Real Winners

To celebrate their ongoing partnership, Bing has recognised Adobe as ‘EMEA Technology Partner of the Year’.
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How to achieve both creativity and relevance in your digital advertising

People still love creative ads, but for online consumers relevance is key

How Adblocker Use is Rising—and Why Advertisers Need to Talk About It

Adblocker use is growing at an alarming rate. Combat the trend by providing exceptional customer experience

Key Takeaways from Ad Week Europe 2018

Data-enabled ad experiences are key, but brands must show respect, too. Here are our key takeaways from Ad Week Europe 2018

Data Overload: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges at Ad Week Europe

What to look forward to from Adobe during Ad Week Europe 2018

Les cinq grandes questions à se poser concernant la publicité programmatique en 2018

La publicité programmatique sera au cœur de l'actualité en 2018, alors assurez-vous que votre entreprise soit en mesure d’exceller...

Top Five Questions to Ask to Get Programmatic Right in 2018

Programmatic advertising will be big news in 2018, so ensure you are well positioned to make the strategy a success in your organisatio...