How To use Digital Transformation to Answer Customer Questions

Why a subscription mindset is the future

It’s time to put the transparency back in your ad spend

Sarah Pennells

Sarah Pennells

Sarah Pennells set up in 2009, after becoming frustrated that none of the financial information online seemed to be written with women like her in mind. SavvyWoman aims to help women become a little richer, by helping them invest, save for their retirement and deal with the nasties in life, like divorce and debt. As well as online content, SavvyWoman runs seminars and events aimed at demystifying money and investing. The site has been shortlisted as number five in The Times’ ‘top 50 websites to save you money’, while Sarah is an award-winning broadcaster and journalist who regularly appears on the BBC as a financial expert and has written for a number of magazines and newspapers, including Stylist, Yours and Good Housekeeping.


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