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Adobe’s Email Survey: Get your Customers Engaged the Right Way

People still love email, but inbox engagement is changing  – and so should brands “Drop me an email” – a phrase you’ll hear a lot professionally and personally. What we wanted to find out is whether the way we use … Read more

Connecting All Channels into a Consistent Experience: The Cross-Channel Marketing Track at Adobe Summit

Today’s consumers are digitally empowered, and they want it all. Whether online or offline, they demand seamless, personalised experiences—no small feat for any brand to achieve. In seconds, they can research a brand and make an informed decision about a … Read more

An Important Reason for Retailers to Focus on Cross-channel Marketing

Retail marketers are focusing more on cross-channel marketing than ever before, especially mobile channels. They are looking to optimise offers, personalise messaging, and provide contextual content through multiple channels. There is an important reason for marketers to take a cross-channel … Read more

Infographic: Overcoming the top 3 barriers to omnichannel marketing

The latest report from Econsultancy and Adobe reveals that developing an integrated approach with a holistic view of the customer is still a challenge for many companies. Based on a survey of 2,000 marketing, digital, and e-commerce professionals and including industry and year-to-year … Read more

Overcoming the top 3 barriers to omnichannel marketing

There is no doubt that we are living in an omnichannel world, where consumers constantly switch between channels, devices, and touchpoints. From a marketer’s point of view, this means there are more opportunities to engage with customers than ever before, … Read more

Nestle – Blending the right online and offline ingredients for consistent customer dialogs

Good marketing should feel like a natural conversation, according to Nestle. That’s why the global food and beverage conglomerate uses Adobe Campaign in Adobe Marketing Cloud to help communicate with customers in real time across online and offline channels. “We’re … Read more

Don’t let a bad cross-channel marketing experience take you down

Brands are being challenged to deliver rich customer experiences across a dizzying array of touchpoints – particularly with customers now having so much choice in terms of how they engage with brands. The fact is, customers expect you to know … Read more

Adobe Email Survey 2016: Infographic

Across Europe, we’re addicted to emails and are spending more time writing, reading and replying to them than ever before. It’s literally taking up months’ worth of our time each year and we’re doing it everywhere we go, with work … Read more

Adobe Email Survey 2016: Europeans are still addicted to email, but are easily disengaged with email campaigns

Today we released our annual survey of email usage in Europe, examining consumers’ relationship with email and how email fits in the growing mix of digital and social channels becoming available to marketers. And the study shows that our relationship … Read more

Delighting Today’s Tech-Savvy Shopper: 8 Best Practices

Best Practices for Establishing Meaningful Omnichannel Connections In the device-centric world of today, shoppers are far more aware of technology, as well as the user experience possibilities it allows for. As they browse and buy, they appreciate a synergistic approach—an … Read more