Digital Experiences that Put the Customer First

Sunrise Communications Group rolls out new digital experiences using Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Consumers today rely on digital for almost everything, whether it’s for work or fun. At the core of every experience is the expectation for fast and reliable connections, placing tremendous pressure on telecom companies to deliver on promised technology advances.

Sunrise Communications Group is the second largest telecom in Switzerland, offering mobile, landline, internet, and digital television services to more than three million customers. Diverse product lines give the company an edge over competitors, but Sunrise Communications is always looking for ways to improve services. The company decided to redesign its digital experiences around what customers want: fast loading times, personalized websites, easy mobile access, and self-services tools that make paying bills or adjusting services as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Sunrise Communications powers its digital transformation with Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Campaign solutions.

With Adobe Campaign, the company automates marketing campaigns, allowing marketers to reach customers across email, text, mobile, and social. Working within a single tool boosts productivity and encourages a faster time to market for information about services. Metrics measured through Adobe Analytics provide valuable insights that help teams determine what customers are looking for and provide them more of the experiences they want.

By integrating Adobe Experience Manager with the SAP Hybris e-commerce platform, Sunrise Communications is providing customers with dynamic product pages and personalized experiences. Creating new websites with Experience Manager is so simple that designers no longer need to wait for developers. They simply select content from a central content management hub and customize responsive templates designed with mobile accessibility in mind. The result is accelerated delivery of information, with multi-segment and multi-language websites created in as little as four hours.

“We wanted to develop one of the most efficient processes for online stores in the telco business to enable customers to achieve their goals in just a few steps,” says Dr. Janos Heé, Digital Business Director at Sunrise Communications. “We accomplished the mission in record time.”

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