Dixons Carphone Drives Strong Supplier Relationships

Dixons Carphone, one of Europe’s leading specialty retailers of technology and services, understands the value of strong communications. The company helps millions of customers connect with the world at home, work, or on the move through its reliable technology and services.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the company also values strong communication and relationships with its suppliers and vendors, including Adobe. “For me, a successful relationship with a supplier is a relationship where you have mutual trust, open and proactive communications, and you can work together to talk about new ideas and innovation,” says Leandros Ioannou, Senior Strategic Relationship & Contract Manager at Dixons Carphone.

For the past year, the new Strategic Relationship Management team at Dixons Carphone has worked closely with Riccardo Composto, an Adobe Customer Success Manager, and his team to build a closer relationship. “The great thing about being a CSM is that you’re really involved with the customer,” says Composto. “The objective of this relationship is to streamline communications and make sure that both Adobe and Dixons Carphone understand the objectives of the business.”

“The benefit that we’re seeing with Adobe now is that both businesses are working towards one common goal,” says Andrew Nagalewski, Head of Commercial & Strategic Supplier Management at Dixons Carphone. “We’re more effectively having conversations around innovation and how we actually use Adobe products to move our business forward.”

The closer partnership is enabling Dixons Carphone and Adobe to increase the speed of project delivery and actively helping users derive the most value from Adobe solutions. Adobe shares insights and best practices that help Dixons Carphone find greater value and drive adoption of Adobe solutions and services. This helps Dixons Carphone provide its ecommerce and retail customers with solutions that best meet their needs and preferences.

“By working more effectively as partners, our stakeholders are now seeing that the tools and services that we purchase from Adobe are really making a massive difference to our business,” says Nagalewski. “We see Adobe as a strategic partner to move our business further forward as technology changes over the coming years.”

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  1. Lyndsey Woof says:

    Great article Andy, Leandros and Ricardo! Congrats.

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