Adobe Advertising Cloud Q&A with Simon Peel, Global Media Director at Adidas

Q1) Why did Adidas select TubeMogul (now Adobe Advertising Cloud) to be its DSP of choice?  

A1) Adidas has been working towards a holistic ad tech framework for a few years now. Setting up our own DSP partnerships was a strategic choice for us and programmatic media in general was a space in the market that our media experts have had their eye on for some time.

We had a look at around 12 potential DSP partnerships. The review assessed potential partners on a variety of parameters such as transparency in trading, flexibility in data ownership, measurability of digital spend and marketing effectiveness. TubeMogul (now Adobe Advertising Cloud) was selected because they demonstrated that their product would enhance our digital media performance; specifically behind our video placements.

Q2) What benefits do you feel the acquisition of TubeMogul by Adobe brings to your relationship?

A2) As a global brand we need a partner that can offer scale. The acquisition was a sign of the potential to enhance the robustness of TubeMogul’s market offering with the strong foundational enterprise solutions offered by Adobe.

Q3) What are your biggest current concerns when it comes to programmatic trading today?

A3) Transparency, data ownership and ad fraud are areas that we are still looking at. We have focused on transparent contracts with clear data ownership rights with our DSP partners. However the full programmatic supply chain and myriad of ad tech vendors globally means that this space is still predominantly opaque. When you look holistically at the overall supply chain there is still a ways to go for the industry to ensure it is perceived as transparent.

Q4) Are you excited by the potential of programmatic TV? If so, why? If not, why not?

A4) As a global sports culture brand, we enjoy high reach through broadcasts that put our brand on the fields, courts and pitches of the world. We do expect Programmatic TV spend to grow steadily over the coming years and will look for future opportunities in this space.

Q5) What can ad tech providers, brands and agencies do differently to make programmatic trading a more comfortable, profitable and efficient sector?

A5) Universal measurability, brand safety, viewability and transparency standards should be adopted by all ad tech providers, brands and agencies. If we all operate from a common understanding with a single set of rules, then that should make everyone feel more comfortable.

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