RS Components: Understanding Buyers in 32 Markets

The B2C sales process is relatively straightforward for companies, as the entire sales cycle is typically completed by a single person. But for B2B sales, the sales cycle can get complicated with multiple people from different roles in the same company participating in a single purchasing decision. An engineer might visit a website to research products, download technical documentations, and make recommendations, but a procurement manager will complete the purchase days later. Understanding the different needs of influencers and purchasers helps companies serve their customers better and spend marketing dollars wisely.

RS Components, a trading brand of Electrocomponents Plc., is the world’s largest electronics distributor. The company wanted to solve this B2B sales dilemma by taking a wider look at the customer base and making greater use of analytics data across content, product, and marketing teams.

RS Components implemented Adobe Analytics Premium as a core component of transforming its digital strategy. Analysis Workspace drives a self-serve analytics model for 400 users. Users across teams can pull together reports in minutes to understand how products or marketing campaigns are performing with customers across 32 markets.

With a solid foundation for digital analytics in place, RS Components is using data to improve digital experiences. Multivariate testing through Adobe Target Premium allows teams to adjust marketing campaigns based on measurable data, which simplifies the decision-making process. One test looked at the color, copy, and placement of a button located next to the Order Basket. Making adjustments to this button increased click-throughs by 75% and increased Average Order Value by 2%.

Rich analytics data also feeds into multichannel marketing campaigns through Adobe Campaign. Understanding purchase history, marketers can communicate consistent messaging and personalized recommendations across email, social, and direct mail. This is leading to increased engagement and return on investment.

“Adobe has helped to illustrate the importance of digital analytics data in decision making,” says Andrew Morris, Head of Digital Insight Delivery at RS Components. “Thanks to the powerful suite of Adobe solutions, there has been a measurable impact on our business.”

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