Introducing Adobe’s Digital Marketing “Think Tank” at Summit 2014

To quote Forrester’s David Cooperstein, marketing has shifted to the “age of the customer”—today, the rapidly changing industry is dead-centred around reinvention.

This means we need to market to our customers where they are, delivering personalised and seamless experiences across mobile devices and social networks. Data was never as important as it is today to help deliver what our customers expect from us.

Reinvention, then, is the marketer’s main quest. It represents a unique opportunity. It’s also a unique challenge. But a challenge worthy of debate, as we aim to help marketers evolve in the digital age.

In order to foster that debate, we’re proud to introduce Adobe’s Digital Marketing Think Tank, a pan-European group of five members—each representing the UK, Germany, France, Nordics and Benelux—which will gather several times this year to further perspective and insight on digital marketing.

Facebook_1200x900_All-speakers[1][1]Representing the UK we have Doug Kessler, co-founder and creative director of B2B Marketing agency Velocity. Doug regularly tweets and blogs about content and B2B marketing, which in his words “is one of the steepest learning curves in the entire history of business.”

Martin Meyer-Gossner, CEO of the international management consulting brand The Strategy Web, has digital strategy and social business as his main passions, and believes in the power of leveraging social media analytics to deliver the best results.

French speaker and author Fred Cavazza is a prolific thought leader on digital marketing, mobile and social media, who writes for various blogs and regularly contributes to Forbes. He believes the marketer’s job is fundamentally changing as we dive into a fully digital and more data-driven world.

Jerry Silfwer comes from Sweden, is founder and digital strategist at Mad Science Digital, blogs at and believes the most powerful digital marketing is supported by a solid strategy, as well as proper understanding of behavioural and social psychology.

Cor Molenaar is a Dutch author, professor and strategic consultant who believes the basis of marketing is the customer journey. He believes this starts with having a good knowledge of the customer and their behaviour. We agree!

The Think Tank’s first meet up will be during Adobe Summit 2014, May 15, in London. In a panel moderated by John Watton, Adobe’s digital marketing director for EMEA, he and panellists will examine the results of a new “Digital Roadblock” study conducted by Adobe across EMEA, which focuses on the major obstacles standing in the way of marketers’ road to reinventing themselves and their brands for the digital age.

Five influencers, one mission: Reinvention.

Make sure you follow Doug @dougkessler, Martin @thestrategyweb, Frederic @FredCavazza, Jerry @DoktorSpinn and Cor @cormolenaar to get a head start before #AdobeSummit, and stay tuned for more Digital Marketing Think Tank events.

One Response to Introducing Adobe’s Digital Marketing “Think Tank” at Summit 2014

  1. Fredrik Wass says:

    “70-80 percent of all the experts in media today are men, and if we continue to organize all male panels and jurys we keep reproducing the image of an expert as a man.”

    I see Adobe is preferably interested in insights on digital marketing from only men. I think you’re missing out on a number of valuable and important perspectives by not diversifying your think tank.

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