Adobe Summit EMEA: Day 2 Overview

Guest blog from Ben Donkor.

Adobe VP John Mellor kicked Day 2 off with a great comparison between the Adobe Summit and the “rise of the coffee houses” that led to the Age of Enlightenment in England around the 18th century. The Summit is not only a place for us to hear about the latest innovations in marketing, but it’s also a great space for marketers to talk amongst each other and share their experiences and come up with new ideas for the next “Age of Enlightenment” in digital marketing – starting now.

John also shared the results from the Adobe Maturity Self-Assessment Tool, a large study conducted by Adobe over the past few months around the maturity level of brands in the digital space. The results were presented with an explanation of the Digital Maturity Matrix, which assesses the performance of brands and companies in three areas: Products, People and Processes. Deficiencies were highlighted in different areas, such as mobility, sales assignment and knowledge, and that was a wake-up call for all marketers in attendance – what’s currently stopping you from evolving? (You can read more about the roadblocks that most marketers face here.)

We were then treated to some very interesting experiences from the keynote’s special guests:


Michael Acton Smith, founder of Moshi Monsters , a virtual world for children that makes use of “stealth education”. Michael had to reinvent himself and his business, taking advantage of mobile devices and other touch points.

Dr. David Cox, Chief Medical Officer of Headspace, an online platform dedicated to “meditation for modern living” using mobile devices to be present in the lives of its followers.

Justin Coghlan, co-founder of Movember, an 8-year old movement that reinvents itself every year through social media.


We also heard from Paolo Yuvenico of DigitalsLBi and Aldo Agostinelli of Sky Italia on how data and technology “changed the game” for them.


1973788_636019896492928_7399378720396978645_oThe day ended with a sneak peek at the latest developments from Adobe Labs. Hosted by Adobe’s Steve Hammond and the hilarious David Schneider (yes, THE David Schneider), we were treated with bad jokes…

…some insights on David’s life/work balance (which some of us can certainly relate to)…

…and a few sneak peeks into what Adobe might introduce in its Marketing Cloud in the (near?) future.

I have to say, I’m quite impressed by what Adobe has been working on – from new features to tweaks, big and small, to improve the Marketing Cloud.

One feature I’m extremely happy about is a seemingly small one but very relevant to me – an update to the sentiment analysis in Adobe Social and the introuction of Robert Plutchik’s “wheel of emotion” within the platform, to show the underlining emotions behind the three main sentiments (positive, neutral, and negative).

I’m very particular about sentiment analysis, as I’ve already spoken (and written) at lengths about it, so I’m really happy to see Adobe take it up another notch to make this already excellent platform even better.

Not The End

Adobe Summit may be over for this year, but this is definitely not the end. What were your highlights from Summit? Tweet @AdobeSummit and share your thoughts!

Until next year’s Adobe Summit, keep evolving!

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