Breakout Highlights of Adobe Summit EMEA 2017

This year’s Adobe Summit EMEA was our largest so far. Over two exciting days, more than 5,000 attendees soaked up presentations on a wide range of topics, and networked with peers and industry experts. Every day featured a keynote session, along with more than 100 breakout sessions, featuring 200 speakers—plus a community pavilion where marketers from all sectors mingled and shared ideas. We asked our attendees to rate the sessions via a feedback survey and here are some of the top-rated sessions.

Customer Experience Track

CX12: Not Our First Rodeo—Experience Manager Managed Services Team Learnings

In this session, the AEM Managed Services team shared best practices from managing hundreds of Experience Manager deployments—or more. Experts from our AEM product marketing and the Managed Services team covered hot topics like how to best architect AEM for scale, how best to implement CI/CD processes, and how to avoid common pitfalls and sidestep potential land mines. Plus, a case study directly featuring Joose Van Dun of Philips highlighted discoveries straight from the front lines of the company’s own AEM deployments.

Data-Driven Marketing Track

DDM9: Adobe Analytics Worst Practices—and How to Avoid Them!

Adobe Analytics is extremely powerful, but setting it up to take advantage of all that power can be a challenge. In this session, Analytics Demystified’s Adam Greco and Adobe’s Jan Exner got right in to the detail with the most common Adobe Analytics mistakes—and how to avoid them—and explained how to create a smoother, more efficient Adobe Analytics setup, so you can focus on analysis, not implementation.

Cross-Channel Marketing Track

CCM7: Advanced Tips and Tricks for Becoming an Adobe Campaign Connoisseur

As the universe of channels, touchpoints, and devices continues to expand, cross-channel marketing grows more complex. In this advanced session—aimed at cross-channel marketers and campaign managers who are proficient in campaign management and digital marketing—Mathieu Hannouz of Adobe showed how to use Adobe Campaign v6 through tips and tricks applicable to attendees’ current implementations. He explored A/B testing, form posts to WebApps/JSSP, triggers between Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, and the Experience Cloud Core Services; offered integrations in Message Center; and much more.

Marketing Innovations Track

IN3: Innovation in Content Marketing Starts with a Reality Check

Marketers have been operating under a false pretence regarding their audiences’ ability to concentrate for longer than 8 seconds—a.k.a. the “Myth of the Goldfish.” In this keynote, Jason Miller, Global Content & Social Leader for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, revealed how changes in society’s ability to multitask are transforming content marketing. In the video and slides you’ll see how he explained how to up-cycle your pre-loved content to extract every last ounce of value from your existing investments, and innovate around the technology you already know how to use, to build an owned media empire.

Marketing Operations Track

OP8: Lessons from Pearson: Transforming a Global Business

When Pearson Education set out to become a digital-first organisation, the company launched a global program to transform its digital infrastructure and processes, in partnership with Accenture Interactive. In this session, you’ll learn how Pearson made the case for wholesale digital transformation to its executive leadership, built a wave of internal sponsors and advocates, reconfigured its operating models and content production, and delivered a brand-new programme across the UK, US, and India.

Mobile Track

MO4: Marriott’s Mobile App—Driving Revenue and Loyalty Through Personalisation

Customers interact with brands across multiple touchpoints, and since a mobile app is the most personal of these, it needs to remain especially relevant and aware of customers’ behaviour across multiple touchpoints. In this session, mobile engagement experts from Marriott and Adobe showcased real-time, cross-device personalisation using Adobe Target with Adobe Audience Manager, demonstrated mobile app testing using Adobe Target with Adobe Analytics, and shared ideas for real-time personalised experiences using Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign.

Content & Creativity Track

CRE2: Make Your Content Marketing Programs More Impactful, with Video

Studies show that video boosts conversion, builds trust, and encourages higher engagement, which is why modern marketing organisations are embracing it as a key ingredient in their content marketing mix. But the challenge of designing personalised, relevant, cross-platform video content globally is no small feat. This session Mark Adams of VICE Media and Al Mooney of Adobe’s Product Management team, explored how your team can create compelling video content quickly, how to collaborate across global teams to deliver an amazing video experience, and how to build reusable visual elements while maintaining your brand.

Programmatic Advertising Track

AD6: The Advertising Analytics Edge

More than ever, digital advertisers need to deliver more impactful strategies to set their brands apart, which means making sure everyone has access to the same modifiers and automated bidding options. But time-consuming, manual processes are often required to create accurate analyses and reports that can be put into action quickly. In this session, presented by Chris Haluea of Adobe, you’ll learn how you can uncover greater insights, provide richer reporting, and deliver the accountability required to meet your company’s goals. You’ll discover how to create refined reporting via cohort tables, freeform workspaces, and advertising insights, and how to put more sophisticated strategies into action.

In case you missed any of the sessions above, all the presentation content is now available for to stream for free, right on the Summit website. I highly encourage you to check them out!

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