How Can Marketers Meet Their Resource Needs?

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Two decades or so ago when I was fresh out of Uni and look­ing for a job, I didn’t think about the future. All I cared about was whether the role I got could pay for my rent, food, bills and a cou­ple (ok, make that more than a cou­ple) of nights out on the lash. I wasn’t think­ing long term.

Fast for­ward to today, and fresh-faced won­ders hunt­ing their next career move might well look to the mar­ket­ing sec­tor for a career with plen­ty of pos­si­bil­i­ties for nights on the town—and the hang­overs to match.

Accord­ing to Cam­paign, merg­ers and acqui­si­tions in the media and mar­ket­ing sec­tor are being dri­ven by a mas­sive dig­i­tal skills gap in EMEA (specif­i­cal­ly the UK). Basi­cal­ly, com­pa­nies want to sur­vive, but as there are not enough fish in the sea to work in their ocean, they’re hav­ing to gob­ble up lots of small­er fish in order to get their hands on the meals that mat­ter. Despite ongo­ing polit­i­cal and eco­nom­ic insta­bil­i­ty, com­pa­nies are des­per­ate to grow. Com­bine this with the new trend some brands are fol­low­ing for bring­ing their pro­gram­mat­ic ad buy­ing func­tions in-house, and what you have is a seller’s mar­ket.

You got the skil­lz? Then we got the jobz.

Pre­lim­i­nary data from research by Kingston Smith shows that 274 merg­ers were com­plet­ed in 2017. It was anoth­er record year, fol­low­ing the 285 deals closed in 2015, and 308 closed in 2016—and all because no one can find the right tal­ent.

If we knew then what we know now, eh? Maybe then I wouldn’t have done that The­atre degree or gone into jour­nal­ism for a rel­a­tive­ly lost decade…

So how will mar­keters meet their resource needs? What are you doing to find (and keep) the staff that can tru­ly make a dif­fer­ence? Is tal­ent a major chal­lenge for growth in your sec­tor? What do you think the gov­ern­ment or sec­tor should be doing to help bat­tle this issue? Is mar­ket­ing no longer the sexy career option for grads? Or is it sim­ply a case of a com­pen­sa­tion gap with grads per­suad­ed to enter fields offer­ing more mon­ey, fun and friv­o­li­ty? Share your thoughts in the com­ments below.

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Posted on 01-25-2018

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