UK Holiday Retail Predictions: Infographic

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The lat­est Adobe Dig­i­tal Insights (ADI) study has revealed that Black Fri­day is now the UK’s biggest online shop­ping day of the Christ­mas sea­son. Online rev­enues around Black Fri­day alone are expect­ed to hit £901 mil­lion ($1.1 bil­lion*) this year, dri­ven by aggres­sive sales pro­mo­tions and its prox­im­i­ty to most peo­ples’ final pay day before Christ­mas. Con­sumer activ­i­ty around both Black Fri­day and Cyber Mon­day shows no sign of abat­ing, with spend­ing growth on these two days out­pac­ing annu­al aver­age growth in the UK by 50 per­cent. Both are rel­a­tive­ly recent imports from the US hol­i­day cal­en­dar.

Black Fri­day has reshaped the pat­tern of hol­i­day spend­ing in the UK, with online sales tend­ing to peak before the start of Decem­ber and then lev­el­ing out through to Box­ing Day. This is in con­trast to coun­tries like France or Ger­many, where hol­i­day shop­ping is spread more even­ly through­out Decem­ber, par­tic­u­lar­ly on week­ends in the run-up to Christ­mas. To help guide you through all this data we’ve sum­maried the key points in the info­graph­ic below:


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John Watton

Posted on 01-11-2016


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    The future sounds great! Won­der if those pre­dic­tions will ful­fill!

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