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Vijayanta Gupta

Vijayanta Gupta

Vijayanta Gupta is the Head of Go-To-Market for the Experience Cloud business at Adobe. He leads Adobe's Industry-specific Go-To-Market initiatives as well as the Adobe Experience Cloud Product Marketing initiatives across Europe, Middle-East and Africa regions. He advises senior executives across industries on their Digital Strategy, and his perspectives on digital transformation are regularly published. He also serves on the advisory board of Jigserv Digital, a digital marketing company in India, of which he is one of the co-founders. Prior to joining Adobe, Vijayanta has held multiple leadership roles in Accenture, Microsoft and Tata Consultancy Services across UK/Europe, USA and India. Vijayanta holds an MBA in Strategic Marketing, a Master's in Computer Applications and a Bachelors in Physics. He is based out of London and thoroughly enjoys the multi-cultural experience that the city provides.
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