Advertisers take note, tablet traffic is a gift for 2014

Once again, tablets seemed to be the present of choice for loved ones this Christmas, with many going online in the morning to play with their new device.  In just one day, in the UK, we saw the tablet click share grow from 20% on Christmas Eve to 25% on Christmas Day and has been fluctuating at this level ever since.


Graph reflects daily paid search tablet click share in UK. Mini-peaks reflected in the graph before 25th December show weekend spikes in traffic.

Perhaps lured by the Bank Holiday and the post-Christmas sales, even more popular was New Year’s Day 2014, which saw tablet click share peak at almost 30% – again echoing last year’s results of an increase which had a peak at 19%.  We expect this month to continue around the Christmas Day level of 25% and reach highs again by the end of 2014, close to the 30% level.

Where these statistics are of a real interest and provide valuable insight, is in the advertising space. Tablet traffic continues to demonstrate a significant opportunity for advertisers as tablets are exceeding smart phones in cannibalising computer search traffic.  As the tablet Cost Per Click (CPC) is much closer to computer CPC than mobile, we’ll see the overall CPC stay high.

Advertisers that take notice of evolving search behavior, and plan their budget accordingly, will be the winners of 2014.  And this is especially true for the travel industry during peak season in January.


Graph reflects monthly average paid search click share by device. Computer share on the decline; tablet and mobile on the rise.

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Dr Wing Yee Lee, Senior Business Analyst Manager, Adobe (@wing_yee_lee)

*Data sourced from analysing anonymous and aggregated data from UK companies that use Adobe Media Optimizer, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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