Online Shoppers Turning To Mobile, Social During The Christmas Season

To gain more insight into online consumer shopping behavior, Adobe surveyed 1,200 people who plan to Christmas shop online in the UK, Germany and France (400 shoppers in each country) as part of the Adobe 2013 Holiday Retail Survey.

And as the days tick down to Christmas, let’s take a look at what some of the numbers reveal.

How Much Will Consumers Spend?

In the UK, online shoppers indicated their median holiday spend will be about 400 pounds (480 euros), while German and French online shoppers anticipate that they will spend about 300 euros (250 pounds) each.

Despite economic concerns, the majority of UK consumers anticipate that they will spend the same online as they did last year, while more than half expect to spread between 21 percent and 60 percent of their holiday spend online.




Will Consumers Rely On Mobile To Shop?

Absolutely, and even more so than in years past. In fact in Germany, 12 percent of consumers plan to rely more on their mobile device to Christmas shop than they did last year, while most (62 percent) will rely on mobile just as much as in 2012. Britons are even more keen on mobile this year, as 21 percent indicate they will use mobile to holiday shop, while 68 percent plan to use it just as much as they did last year. France looks to have the least mobile growth this year among online shoppers, as only 10 percent indicate they will rely more on mobile than in 2012; although, 65 percent of French online shoppers will turn to mobile just as often. Also in France, 19 percent of online shoppers say they often use their mobile to compare prices while in a physical retail store – with this number being even higher among the younger generation (aged 18-34) at 24 percent.




What Role Does Social Media Play?

More so than ever, according to Adobe’s Holiday Retail survey, marketers need to have a solid social strategy in place this holiday season. In France, 33 percent of online shoppers plan to at least occasionally consult social media before buying a gift online, while almost half of those surveyed in Germany (45 percent) indicated they would also occasionally consult social media. As for which sites shoppers will be consulting? More than half of all consumers across the UK, Germany and France anticipate turning to Facebook for help with their Christmas shopping, while Twitter, in every country, is the second-most relied upon site for online gift buying.

Not sure where to turn to next? Receive useful tips and guidance across digital marketing this Christmas on Adobe’s Marketing Cloud page .


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