Click Here: Adobe research shows marketers are missing the digital mark


Between pop-ups, ban­ners, search, video, social, page takeovers, and more, con­sumers are see­ing more ads than ever to sup­port their favourite web-based pas­times.

Turns out 60% of con­sumers in the UK, France and Ger­many agree that online ads are annoy­ing. Dig­i­tal mar­keters seem to be miss­ing the mark with con­sumers, and our lat­est research report, Click Here: The State of Online Adver­tis­ing, con­firms it.

Adobe: Click Here: The State of Online Advertising

The report shows some inter­est­ing dif­fer­ences in what dig­i­tal mar­keters think ver­sus the aver­age con­sumer. 38% of Euro­pean con­sumers agree online adver­tis­ing is not effec­tive, com­pared to 19% of mar­keters. And web ban­ner ads have an even worse rep­u­ta­tion with more than half (55%) of Euro­pean con­sumers agree­ing they don’t work.

Even in social media, con­sumers across Europe are less like­ly than mar­keters to Like a brand page and inter­act with it. And most con­sumers actu­al­ly want a dis­like but­ton!

What can we do? We can do bet­ter. We can up our game. We can take lessons learned from tra­di­tion­al adver­tis­ing. We can deliv­er per­son­alised and engag­ing expe­ri­ences for con­sumers.

It’s time we start­ed think­ing like a con­sumer, and not like mar­keters. With every cam­paign we should be ask­ing “WWCD” – what would con­sumers do?

Check out the report, and tell us in the com­ments if you agree that mar­keters are miss­ing the mark? How will you use this data to change your online adver­tis­ing strat­e­gy?


Posted on 06-12-2013

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