Click Here: Adobe research shows marketers are missing the digital mark

Between pop-ups, banners, search, video, social, page takeovers, and more, consumers are seeing more ads than ever to support their favourite web-based pastimes.

Turns out 60% of consumers in the UK, France and Germany agree that online ads are annoying. Digital marketers seem to be missing the mark with consumers, and our latest research report, Click Here: The State of Online Advertising, confirms it.

Adobe: Click Here: The State of Online Advertising

The report shows some interesting differences in what digital marketers think versus the average consumer. 38% of European consumers agree online advertising is not effective, compared to 19% of marketers. And web banner ads have an even worse reputation with more than half (55%) of European consumers agreeing they don’t work.

Even in social media, consumers across Europe are less likely than marketers to Like a brand page and interact with it. And most consumers actually want a dislike button!

What can we do? We can do better. We can up our game. We can take lessons learned from traditional advertising. We can deliver personalised and engaging experiences for consumers.

It’s time we started thinking like a consumer, and not like marketers. With every campaign we should be asking “WWCD” – what would consumers do?

Check out the report, and tell us in the comments if you agree that marketers are missing the mark? How will you use this data to change your online advertising strategy?

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