Digital Advertising at Adobe Summit: Data

Adobe Summit is less than 3 weeks away, and the final touches are being put to the content for the Digital Advertising breakout sessions. This is the first of four blog posts that take a quick look at what digital advertisers at Summit can look forward to.

Data is at the heart of any advertising campaign. But how you use that data to plan, track and optimise your activity is the difference between success and failure.

Dr Sid Shah

Dr Sid Shah

Fun with Algorithms” might seem like an oxymoron, but machine driven optimization is at the forefront of attribution and media mix planning. Adobe’s Dr Sid Shah is a leading thinker on how marketers should analyse their online and offline advertising data to attribute value across different channels. He’ll discuss different approaches to take and how marketers can reallocate budgets and forecast future performance. Although it might get technical in places, Sid will also illustrate how it all works in the real world.
Fun with algorithms: Attribution and media mix modelling, 1.30pm, Wednesday 14th May

The algorithmic approach to media planning advocated by Dr Sid Shah presents a challenge to the way marketers and their agencies have traditionally planned campaigns. “Re-inventing the media agency in an adtech world” promises to be a thought-provoking and entertaining discussion between two heavyweights from the media agency world. Steve Simpson is the Global Managing Director for Digital Strategy, Data and Analytics at Starcom MediaVest group, and joining him will be Mike Potts, Chief Data Officer at Havas Media Group. Both have compelling, but different, views on how advertisers and their agencies need to take advantage of data and technology, and what that means for the individuals employed by both.
Re-inventing the media agency in an adtech world, 2.30pm, Wednesday 14th May

Giving you two PhDs for the price of one, Dr Abhishek Pani, Principal Scientist at Adobe, will present a deep-dive on “Leveraging analytics data for large-scale ad optimisation”. As one of the primary architects of the algorithms that drive the Adobe Media Optimizer solution, Abhishek will reveal how engagement metrics (like bounce rates or pages viewed) can be used to predict future conversions from paid search traffic. He’ll also share more in-depth results from our beta tests using this data that have shown extremely promising ROI uplifts so far.
Leveraging analytics data for large-scale ad optimisation, 3.30pm, Thursday, 15th May

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