Ten Things You Need to Know—15/06/18


  • Mod­ern con­sumers are demand­ing—and I ought to know, I’m a mod­ern con­sumer too. In a world in which a bricks-and-mor­tar shop­ping expe­ri­ence isn’t auto­mat­i­cal­ly a customer’s pre­ferred option, more and more brands are opti­mis­ing for expe­ri­ence deliv­ery, using data and insights to make each indi­vid­ual buyer’s expe­ri­ence unique, tai­lored and mem­o­rable. Vis­it the Adobe Expe­ri­ence Mak­ers web­site to explore exam­ples of how some of the world’s most suc­cess­ful busi­ness­es are lever­ag­ing the Adobe Expe­ri­ence Cloud to cre­ate cus­tomer jour­neys that dri­ve sales at scale, and how you can use your data to please even the trick­i­est of cus­tomers (me).
  • FB Intro­duces Bid­ding for In-App Adver­tis­ing: Pub­lish­ers who man­age their app mon­e­ti­za­tion tech­nol­o­gy in-house as well, as those man­aged by a select group of part­ners—MoP­ub, Fyber and MAX—can now include Face­book ads in their auc­tions through Audi­ence Net­work.
  • Snapchat Launch­ing Devel­op­er Plat­form… soon!: Reports sug­gest that devel­op­ers will soon have the abil­i­ty to inte­grate Snapchat into third-par­ty. They’ll be able to imple­ment “log in with Snapchat” options, allow­ing them the use of all of Snap’s inter­est­ing, fun and visu­al­ly arrest­ing fea­tures in their own app. If you’re into the idea of mak­ing AR-type app expe­ri­ences, but don’t want to actu­al­ly have to code any of it from scratch, this is prob­a­bly quite appeal­ing.
  • Ins­ta Intro­duces Sto­ry Reshar­ing: You can share oth­er people’s sto­ries on Insta—but only if you were tagged in the orig­i­nal! When some­one men­tions you in their sto­ry a noti­fi­ca­tion appears in direct mes­sage thread, along with the new option of adding that con­tent to your own sto­ry. We’ll undoubt­ed­ly see a spate of incred­i­bly beg­gy tag­ging of the more pop­u­lar peo­ple in Sto­ries. Still, if you’re shar­ing con­tent fea­tur­ing INFLUENCERS, this is a nice, low-fric­tion way to enable them to use it.
  • Face­book Mes­sen­ger Sto­ries Add Polls: An addi­tion to Facebook’s suite of social prod­ucts designed to boost engagement—and fur­ther proof that the Sto­ries for­mat is tak­ing over the world, for bet­ter or worse. Users can now add a poll-type func­tion to the Sto­ries they may or may not be cre­at­ing using Mes­sen­ger.
  • You Can Now Geolock Videos on Twit­ter: Con­tin­u­ing Twitter’s con­sis­tent pol­i­cy of rolling out fea­tures sev­er­al years after they’ve appeared on oth­er plat­forms, you can now spec­i­fy which region(s) your videos can be seen in on the plat­form. Very use­ful for rights-hold­ers with tricky inter­na­tion­al dis­tri­b­u­tion deals to nav­i­gate.
  • The Pew Inter­net Research Sur­vey 2018: Here is a whole load of DATA about people’s social media habits: how much time they spend, where they spend it, what they do there. It’s US-based, but that won’t pre­vent lots of peo­ple from infer­ring some sort of uni­ver­sal truths from this. Win­ners are Snapchat, Ins­ta and YouTube, unsur­pris­ing­ly. The stats about inter­net usage stood out as inter­est­ing, as this is the first report of this ilk that I’ve seen acknowl­edg­ing that con­trary to those spu­ri­ous “5–6 hours” claims made by oth­er sim­i­lar sur­veys, kids are online lit­er­al­ly all of the time. They can­not con­ceive of an instance in their wak­ing life when they are not able to access the web and asso­ci­at­ed tools. Which is obvi­ous­ly true of all of us, but I did get a lit­tle fris­son from read­ing that.
  • The Hope Page: I am slight­ly amazed that I haven’t seen this done before, not least giv­en we’re a whole year or so away from the boom in “use your spare pro­cess­ing pow­er to mine cryp­to!” scams. This is an excel­lent, sim­ple idea by UNICEF Aus­tralia: give the site access to your CPU and it will start doing some low-key Bit­coin (or what­ev­er) min­ing, with the pro­ceeds going to the char­i­ty. Sim­ple, clever, easy to par­tic­i­pate in, this is a love­ly exe­cu­tion.
  • Soc­cer Pat­tern: A beau­ti­ful­ly designed site cel­e­brat­ing all the World Cup kits of each of the 2018 World Cup’s final­ists, in love­ly, block-colour, min­i­mal­ist fash­ion. The inter­face and the way kit designs are dis­played is nice­ly stripped-back. If you’re the sort of per­son who cher­ish­es a pris­tine col­lec­tion of rare/obscure/vintage foot­ball kits, then this will prob­a­bly alert you to at least five more designs you’ll want to track down.
  • Women Cannes: Final­ly, this week, there’s a move to acknowl­edge the often … unequal gen­der pow­er dynam­ics in adland at this year’s annu­al fes­ti­val of cre­ativ­i­ty on the Croisette. Women Cannes is ask­ing female atten­dees to echo the #time­sup cam­paign by wear­ing black to high­light the industry’s own bur­den of sex­ism. It’s also invit­ing peo­ple to nom­i­nate women in the indus­try who deserve, but do not nec­es­sar­i­ly receive, recog­ni­tion.

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Posted on 06-15-2018

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