A Unified View of Data, Customers, and Content: The Programmatic Advertising Track at Adobe Summit EMEA


It’s a par­tic­u­lar­ly excit­ing time for Ad Tech at Adobe, with the recent acqui­si­tion of Tube­Mogul and the bring­ing togeth­er of Adobe Media Opti­miz­er and Tube­Mogul to form the Adobe Adver­tis­ing Cloud. The Pro­gram­mat­ic Adver­tis­ing track at this year’s Adobe Sum­mit EMEA will demys­ti­fy pro­gram­mat­ic adver­tis­ing and show­case indus­try lead­ers and real case stud­ies to high­light the oppor­tu­ni­ties and require­ments to com­pete in this new era of adver­tis­ing. You’ll learn how Adobe can help uni­fy all your data, cus­tomers, and con­tent into a sin­gu­lar view, so you can buy media that’s auto­mat­ed, data-dri­ven, and trans­par­ent.

I high­ly rec­om­mend the fol­low­ing ses­sions on the Pro­gram­mat­ic Adver­tis­ing track at this year’s Sum­mit.

AD1: How to Nav­i­gate the Pro­gram­mat­ic Maze for Busi­ness Suc­cess

Even as brands increase their invest­ment in pro­gram­mat­ic mar­ket­ing, many strug­gle to under­stand how, exact­ly, to use dig­i­tal media to ful­fil their end goals, while oth­ers are unsure whether they’re get­ting the right val­ue for their ad spend. In this ses­sion, glob­al retail brand Lidl UK will explain how they’ve used intel­li­gent soft­ware to take con­trol of their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing. You’ll learn how to regain con­trol of your own media, and make use of the new gen­er­a­tion of pro­gram­mat­ic tech­nolo­gies to make the most of each invest­ment.

AD2: Data Man­age­ment Plat­form (DMP) Basics

DMPs have become an inte­gral com­po­nent of the dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing toolset. These plat­forms enable mar­keters to seam­less­ly share data across teams and depart­ments, get­ting more val­ue from each audi­ence while com­ply­ing with pri­va­cy reg­u­la­tions. This ses­sion will intro­duce Audi­ence Man­ag­er, Adobe’s DMP, explain what a DMP does and doesn’t do, and explore how it enables mar­keters to cre­ate a uni­fied pro­file. The speak­ers will walk you through smart DMP func­tion­al­i­ty and its place in the mar­ket­ing track, and you’ll get best prac­tices for build­ing a team to sup­port DMPs as the speak­ers lay out five basic use cas­es for DMPs across any indus­try.

AD4: Defin­ing the Most Effec­tive Pro­gram­mat­ic Set­up for Your Busi­ness

Choos­ing the best team struc­ture to dri­ve your paid adver­tis­ing can be chal­leng­ing. This ses­sion will explore three poten­tial sce­nar­ios when it comes to man­ag­ing pro­gram­mat­ic buy­ing. Nick Reid, EMEA head of agency, Adobe Adver­tis­ing Cloud, will lead a pan­el dis­cus­sion of three clients to share their expe­ri­ences and detail the impact their pro­gram­mat­ic choic­es have had on their busi­ness. The pan­el­lists will weigh-up the ben­e­fits and down­sides of hav­ing an agency man­age your media buy­ing ver­sus build­ing your own in-house capa­bil­i­ties.

AD6: The Adver­tis­ing Edge

More than ever, dig­i­tal adver­tis­ers need to deliv­er more impact­ful strate­gies to set their brands apart, which means mak­ing sure every­one has access to the same mod­i­fiers and auto­mat­ed bid­ding options. But time-con­sum­ing, man­u­al process­es are often required to cre­ate accu­rate analy­ses and reports that can be put into action quick­ly. In this ses­sion, you’ll learn how you can uncov­er greater insights, pro­vide rich­er report­ing, and deliv­er the account­abil­i­ty required to meet your company’s goals. You’ll dis­cov­er how to cre­ate refined report­ing via cohort tables, freeform work­spaces, and adver­tis­ing insights, and how to put more sophis­ti­cat­ed strate­gies into action.

We look for­ward to see­ing you at Adobe Sum­mit EMEA 2017, and if you haven’t reg­is­tered to attend, there’s still time—just click here to find out about all the oth­er excit­ing things tak­ing part at the event.

Meghan Falter

Posted on 20-04-2017

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